DataCorps kept their company operating with improved cash flow.

About DataCorps Technology Solutions

DataCorps Technology Solutions, a Florida based IT services provider who works to offer IT solutions to businesses. They specialize in managed services, network solutions, and IT support.

Why they needed ConnectBooster

DataCorps Technology Solutions began supporting Tampa area small businesses in 2003, addressing their IT problems and long-term organizational needs. Over the next decade, the team increased sales and customer satisfaction exponentially, reaping the rewards of hard work and paying careful attention to details.

Company President Angel Rojas was pleased with that success. He realized that the faster his team was growing the customer side of the business, the harder it was becoming to manage all the backend processes.

Rojas understood his company’s billing and accounts receivable methodologies were holding them back. He also realized these inefficient processes were having a negative effect on his company’s cash flow.

The biggest challenge for DataCorps was its lack of a centralized and automating billing platform. Accounts receivable employed one system, payments were handled separately, and none of it was connected to ConnectWise, their PSA professional services automation) software. One of their other big frustrations was being forced to adjust monthly agreements manually. That involved logging into the company’s account and changing clients’ agreements one at a time.

How ConnectBooster impacted their business

After researching the options, he engaged ConnectBooster. The team at ConnectBooster streamlined and simplified their collections processes. Through one-of-a-kind integrations with ConnectWise and their accounting package, Rojas significantly improved his firm’s cash flow.

No more 30-60 day waiting periods to receive money that is owed to them. DataCorps now gets paid on time, every time.

Why they would recommend ConnectBooster

If you can’t afford $150 to have somebody take billing off your hands, you can’t afford to be in business. There is no alternative. I will not run my business without ConnectBooster.

Angel Rojas, President

DataCorps Technology Solutions