Stratus IT Group

Stratus IT Group found a PCI compliant secure method for storing payment information.

About Stratus IT Group

Stratus IT Group, a managed service provider, based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Stratus IT Group offers a range of services from computer support, network services and I.T. consulting.

Why they needed ConnectBooster

The Stratus IT management team was concerned with inefficiencies and the assumed risks involved with manual credit card payment processing. Their existing methods were labor-intensive and slow, and the liability of storing customer data was becoming a major concern.

One issue was the firm was rapidly expanding. New team members and a rapidly increasing client count made those inconveniences and anxieties a much bigger problem that was getting harder to manage.

A primary reason for their concern was their existing processes were unsecured. Stratus IT Group team members would manually process their customers’ credit cards and payments. That meant collecting and updating information on a regular basis, ensuring the data was well protected and available to cover future invoices.

That responsibility and its potential risks weighed on the owners. Kathyrn Linford, a partner at Stratus IT Group, continually wrestled with the issues around holding their clients’ credit card information, and protecting that ever-increasing amount of data was becoming a major concern. “We are their IT provider. If I can’t keep our customers’ information secure, how can our customers trust us to help make them secure?”

How ConnectBooster impacted their business

Stratus IT often felt like they were a low priority regarding getting paid from their managed service customers. Before they partnered with ConnectBooster, some clients were more than four months past due.

Now her managed services firm has a secure, efficient way to process invoices — and the ability to receive payments much quicker. The benefits of partnering with ConnectBooster go beyond improved cashflow. The management team of Stratus IT Group now has peace of mind; with a system that meets all industry standards and considerably eases their collections struggles of the past.

Why they would recommend ConnectBooster

Typically, paying bills was low on the priority scale for some of our customers’. Once we implemented ConnectBooster, we were able to collect sooner. To not have to worry about billing and revenue helps immensely.

Kathryn Linford, Partner

Stratus IT Group