ConnectBooster Features

We Make It Easy for Your Clients to Pay You

Change the status quo of your typical collections process and start getting your business paid on time, every time.

Automated Variable Billing

Even if you have multiple variables involved in how you bill customers, ConnectBooster can handle it. Whenever you set up Automatic Billing for a new customer, you can add in variables to set up an accurate bill. You no longer need to manually generate individual invoices every month, let our software do the work for you.

Automated Dunning Notices

In ConnectBooster you can configure and automate dunning notifications to send at certain times if a customer is behind on payments. These can be specified to send out after any time-frame or to exclude specific customers.

Accounting Reconciliation

Our Payment Portal directly connects to your accounting software. Now whenever a customer makes a payment, it is automatically recorded in your accounting software. You can stop wasting time on manual processes and reduce your risk of costly billing mistakes.

Integrated Agreement Billing

Through our payment portal, you can track all your customer agreements. ConnectBooster links your agreements, billing, payment processing, and your accounting details into one seamless dashboard. You can generate invoices specific for each of your customers, guaranteeing they are being billed for the correct amount based on their agreement.

Lower Payment Processing Fees

Choosing to go through a larger financial institutions tends to cost more for services like credit card processing and ACH. ConnectBooster works directly with our parent company, BNG Payments, an internationally registered ISO to give you the best rate possible.

Point-to-Point Encryption

Using our secure Payment Portal encrypts customer’s credit card information through the whole payment cycle. Using point-to-point encryption protects sensitive data, but also protects your business in case of a data breach, by making any data useless to a criminal.

Automated Statements

Whenever you bill a customer, ConnectBooster can send an email with a detailed account summary of what they were charged and the services they received. These friendly reminders keep your customers in the loop and let them see the bills they’ve paid.

Keep All Your Integrations Synced

No one wants to deal with manual data entry; it wastes your time and your businesses time. Instead of tracking payments through multiple softwares, the ConnectBooster Dashboard allows for you to manage your finances through one convenient portal.

Lower your A/R

Letting your account receivables balloon out of control can stunt business growth and create cash flow problems. Customers who use ConnectBooster and have their customers on autopay decrease their A/R from thirty-ninety days to zero days.

Automate Your Entire Billing Process

Billing your customers doesn’t have to be a chore. Streamline your process through ConnectBooster’s Payment Portal. No more chasing down invoices, you can control your business finances.