Features built for a better way to bill.

Explore the zero-touch automations, branded interface and suite of integrations that turn your invoices into cash with less effort.

Save Money & Time With Automation

Billing customers and collecting money shouldn’t be a time-consuming chore. Save hundreds of hours every year with a variety of automation tools invoicing emails, reconciling transactions, and customer billing history statements.

Automated Variable Billing

Bill the correct amount based on agreements in your CRM or accounting software every time, without manually adjusting individual invoices.

Automated Dunning Notices

Configure and automate dunning notifications to send if a customer is behind on payments. These can be specified to send after any timeframe or to exclude specific customers.

Automated Statements

Send emails with a detailed account summary of what they were charged and the services they received.

Automatic Card Updater

Automatically update payment information for expired or deactivated cards based on changes tracked from your customers’ banks.

Why use ConnectBooster?
Because it pays back the SaaS cost, and then some.

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CRM, Accounting & Quoting Integrations

Save time on bookkeeping by connecting your software platforms. Eliminate double-data entry and reduce human-errors between accounting and CRM software. Keep transaction records and track payments made in integrated tools to reconcile them against invoices in ConnectBooster.

Accounting Reconciliation

Match and update invoices in your accounting software and payment portal.

Integrated Agreement Billing

Intelligently AutoPay invoices driven from monthly service agreements.

All Your Integrations Synced

Manage all customer payments through the ConnectBooster Portal and sync information automatically.

100% PCI Compliant Payment Vault

Protecting your customers’ payment information is paramount in providing quality service. Minimize your risk for a data breach while still capturing customer payment information in a secure encrypted PCI Compliant Payment Vault.

Point-to-Point Encryption

Using our secure Payment Portal encrypts a customer’s credit card information through the whole payment cycle.

Data Vault

PCI-certified encrypted data vault to hold and protect customers payment information for recurring payments.

Patented 3-Step Redirect

Our unique payment data transfer ensures that no sensitive information is ever stored on your server.

ConnectBooster - Customized Client Portal

World-Class Custom Branded Customer Portal

Increase professional appearance by offering customers a more sophisticated way to pay their bill. Give customers absolute transparency into previous and upcoming payments and manage their billing preferences. No matter when your business is open, customers can log in to pay their bill.

Enhanced Brand Image

Accept customer payments like a Fortune 500 company without developing the software in-house.

Branded End-User Portal

Give your customers the power to login 24/7 into a branded portal to make and manage payments.

Marketing Ad Cards

Highlight new products and services to your customers within the payment portal.

U.S. Based Customer Service & Support

Our highly skilled customer support team is based exclusively in the U.S., providing quick response times. We feature a one-of-a-kind online onboarding process that is convenient and easy-to-use. In addition, we offer product resources and a free online ConnectBooster Academy for users.

U.S. Based Call Center

Our team is 100% local to Fargo, ND, offering world-class support and advocating for customer software requests.

Online Training Academy

Free online community to help new partners implement the software and learn strategies from other ConnectBooster partners.

Dedicated Online Onboarding

Step up your portal at your own pace with our vast online knowledge center through easy search features.

Get Paid Effortlessly

Start saving time and money with automated billing, collections, and invoice reconciliation.