Since we switched over to ConnectBooster for all our credit card and ACH transactions, automating and tracking payments has never been easier. The ConnectBooster portal is easy to use and allows us to see payment histories, payments pending, and payments outstanding with the click of a button. ConnectBooster offers a payment portal for your clients to process transactions and track invoicing for themselves. ConnectBooster’s staff is quick to respond to any problems or issues that arise resolve, in a timely fashion. If cash flow is important to you, then I would definitely recommend utilizing ConnectBooster and integrate it with your current accounting package.
Sharon Celani

Netlogic Computer Consulting, LLC

We have been using ConnectBooster since Aug, 2013. The setup was straight forward and we were able to get everything sync’d up between QB, CB and CW with minimal effort. Our clients have been updating their own Credit Card information and it has reduced the time involved in keeping client information up to date. ConnectBooster support has been great with correcting any issues and helping us with our processes to get things running smooth.
Keith Stark

Strata Information Technology, Inc.

I have been using ConnectBooster for almost a year. We have lowered our processing costs and increased our collections. This product paid for itself within days! Don’t delay join ConnectBooster today!
Scott Haselkorn

Haselkorn, Inc.

We have been using ConnectBooster to simplify the billing out of our ConnectWise and QuickBooks systems. We were first drawn to the service because we had existing open invoices in QuickBooks when we moved to ConnectWise. One of our frustrations was that clients were unable to see their Quickbooks invoices within the ConnectWise web portal. ConnectBooster resolved this.

Since then, we have implemented their auto-pay functionality with Credit Card and ACH transfers.

Whenever we have needed assistance, ConnectBooster’s staff have responded in a timely and effective manner. I’d suggest their service to any other company looking to bring client billing into a single location.

Kevin Landers


We switched to ConnectBooster in August and it has already saved me a ton of time. No longer do I have to review all my recurring invoices and confirm the totals match what is set to charge on the customer’s credit card. Payments are now tied to the invoice and increase/decrease based on agreement in ConnectWise. The portal and payment options give us the same capabilities as much larger companies.
Steve Sexton

Baltimore Technology Group LLC

ConnectBooster has completely removed the headaches from our Automated Billing process. The portal is great and easy to use and the support team is always responsive and reachable. We highly recommend this product to anyone looking to minimize their repetitive administrative tasks.
Evan Gorman

Connections for Business

We have been using ConnectBooster now for about 6 months…..let me say it makes out life easy. The portal is easy to use and has received great feedback from our clients. We have over 60% of our MRR as automatic now each month and processed through the ConnectBooster portal / gateway. It has helped us automate our payments, reducing overhead, increasing cash flow, and providing real-time invoice status by syncing with out Quickbooks & Connectwise. We were also able to get a better VISA/MCARD rate with ConnectBooster. Did I mention that it was easy to use and our customers actually use it……

Big or small….ConnectBooster is worth every penny and helps save us money each and every month.

Chris Jann

Medicus Solutions, Inc.

Started using ConnectBooster a few months ago and it has been a wonderful experience so far. They have been very helpful from the install to any questions I have had along they way and it is GREAT getting paid faster! It is a great product to have apart of ConnectWise.
Jed Cassell

Snap Computer Solutions

We have used ConnectBooster for over 2 years now, and they have been a invaluable asset to our company. Before ConnectBooster, our accounting staff literally spent several DAYS per month, manually billing credit cards in QuickBooks, dealing with getting and updating cards, re-processing failed payments, and more. ConnectBooster has allowed us to fully automate that process and never have to touch a user’s credit card. (PCI Compliance.. Done!)

The clients like it because they can directly enter their credit card information without having to call, fax, or risk email, and they can see their invoices.
ConnectBooster support has been terrific and they are always open to improving the product, and have incorporated many of our suggestions in the current offering.

The icing on the cake is we saved enough money in fees by working with them to easily pay for the program and then some!

Chris Amori

Network Depot

ConnectBooster was the best business choice we’ve made in years. It completely changed our receivables. We no longer spend time tracking down people for their late payments. It saves so much time doing our least favorite job of calling people that owe us money. We can spend our time doing other more productive work. Highly recommended.

Howie Brounstein

Columbines School of Botanical Studies

The worst part about running your own business is wondering when the checks will come in. When we implemented ConnectBooser we had no way of knowing when our clients would pay. Now as a part of our onboarding we set them up with AutoPay, and immediately on the 1st and 15th, we get paid! We also don’t have to do any of the bookkeeping work to enter or deposit these payments. ConnectBooster Does more than payments, clients use this portal to view service ticket history, invoice history, payment history, create tickets, and more. You can’t look at this tool as something you pay fore because in the end, it pays you.
Mikel Reber

Perfect Computing, Inc

Man how life is different! Before ConnectBooster, we had to manually take payments over the phone for credit cards. With the integration, the payments can come in around the clock, and they do! We’ve been working with ConnectBooster for a while and there have been all kinds of changes and improvements. They’ve been a valuable partner in getting payments in quickly. They also have developers that are constantly working to make improvements and address requests which has helped add functionality.
Alexis Komondorea

WorkSmart, Inc.

We have used ConnectBooster for a little over a year. Our credit cards sales have gone up. We are having to make less collection calls due to our clients being able to pay on their own. ConnectBooster is also very user friendly.
Cat Bradley, Danielle Joyner

WorkSmart, Inc.

We have been using ConnectBooster’s integration for well over a year now.Considering the time it saves me, the monthly fee is competitively priced and well worth it.

Prior to becoming a customer, I had to run a list of people who wanted their agreements taken care of and manually process each one with our merchant service. Then I also has to record the payment information into QuickBooks. Huge time suck.

With ConnectBooster, not only can you setup auto payments for customers by agreement, but you can also set it up so your customers can access their account and review and pay their bills on their own. All this and it automatically synchronizes to QuickBooks. I highly recommend it as the way to go for managing your receivables.

Michael Vincelette

Integrity Systems & Solutions, LLC

We had been using another payment portal for a year, but found that it was awkward to keep it updated for our MRR clients, and difficult for our break/fix clients to use (as well as requiring manual entry for our bookkeeper). ConnectBooster simplifies the setup and allows our clients to save their information for easy future payments. Since it hooks into CW and Quickbooks, it also keeps our books up to date and lets us know right away when clients have paid.
Paul Sky Switzer

Kerkhoff Technologies Inc.

I would recommend ConnectBooster to any business. It is the best value on the market. Not only are you able to provide a centralized portal where clients can review invoices and make payments, but you also have access to a well-layered notification system and one of the lowest transaction fees through the attached payment gateway.
Arix Tovmassian

IT Operations at Jambrina CPA

ConnectBooster is a very helpful middle-ware and payment processing service that integrates our ConnectWise system with QuickBooks Enterprise. It was easy to justify economically because the payment processing fees are significantly less than Intuit’s Merchant Processing Fees, so it pays for itself in our case. Our long-term goal is to dramatically reduce the aging on our accounts receivable through the system. We have more work to do, but we already receive good benefit by being able to capture customer payment methods, have them process payments through a secure portal and I like the reporting as well which quickly shows any receivable issues.
Sean Kline

Turbotek Computer

Great product. It has allowed us to have the same online “look” as the large corporations and banks that offer these online payment services. Easy to administer – easy to work with. Highly recommended.
Curt Miller

Anexeon, LLC

The biggest reason I would recommend ConnectBooster is because of how it automates our entire customer payment process. It’s pretty hands off and I love that it keeps pace with our business as we grow.
Verone Leimer

Run Solutions Business

ConnectBooster is fantastic! The portal looks great and makes it easy for me to configure. The best part is that it made charging my clients cards automatically a completely automated process. Can’t recommend this tool enough.
Steve Taylor

Taylor IT Group

So far one of the best tools I have put into place. Wish I had done it long ago. It has really helped us get better visibility on our numbers, collections, ease of invoicing.
I am not sure why anyone would NOT want to use your product.

Then, the great hand holding support makes even support issues stress free.

Thanks for checking in. If you ever need a reference you can add me to the list.

John Tate


We have been a ConnectBooster user for about 5 months and consider it to be a “Must have” for any partner who accepts credit cards. We completely underestimated how much our customers would appreciate the convenience.

The QuickBooks integration is a big time saver for us. ConnectBooster pays the invoice, emails a customer receipt, and updates the payment information in QuickBooks. Simply cannot be any easier.
The installation process is very smooth and painless. Ongoing technical support is excellent. Highly recommended.

Michael Creed

Mega-Byte Computer Services, LLC

ConnectBooster has streamlined our financial collection efforts. We are saving approximately 3 hours a month due to the automation that ConnectBooster has brought to our accounting.
Nathan Robertson

Adna Technologies

I have been using ConnectBooster since IT Nation 2012. It has simplified my accounting, reconciliation and collections significantly. I used to use several different plug-ins for QuickBooks and juggled downloads from my merchant accounts and banking. Now everything just seems to work. I recommend it to anyone.
Mark Newton

Newton Technologies

We have been using the ConnectBooster payment portal for about 6 months. The product works as described, saves us time, and has improved our aging AR. We have about 35% participation in our client base so far. The client portal is simple and easy to use. We have also implemented the credit card scanner module that allows us to quickly process payment for clients that walk in to our office.

We have experienced issues with the Intuit webconnector and have to monitor it regularly for successful synchronizations to ensure proper and timely posting of payments and invoices to the client portal.

Technical support is very helpful and responsive in answering questions and resolving issues.

Benita Benigni

Flagstaff IT

We’ve been using ConnectBooster for a few months now and love it! It has made things so much easier for us and our clients. I like how it’s easy to use, safely saves our client’s credit cards in the system for next time, clients can choose to make automatic payments, clients can view all their invoices in one place, and that it integrates with QuickBooks. Definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to save time and money.
Mandy Kotman

Kotman Technology

I have recently started with Stratus so my first impression of ConnectBooster is fresh in my mind. I was blown away by how easy it is to setup and use. The training provided is exceptional and very thorough. We have found it is so easy to get our existing clients to switch over to using our portal for payments. And all new clients are setup to use the portal as their default payment method. It is awesome! Would definitely recommend!
Kathryn Linford

Stratus IT Group

We have been using ConnectBooster for well over a year now and love the integration. Not only can our clients now can login to their portal and pay their bills using their payment method of choice, but they can also schedule their agreement payments automatically too.

There is a payment plugin for QuickBooks so that we can process payments for those clients that don’t want the self serve option – we can remember their credit cards securely to expedite the payment process.

We have switch our credit card processing to their company as well and save a lot in processing fees.
Their support has been very responsive and very helpful when needed to solve issues.
I strongly recommend ConnectBooster to increase your collection productivity!

Gary Harlam

Technology Advisory Group

This product has been an amazing tool for our invoicing procedures. It is not only accurate in its process, but also time saving. The customer service that provide us with is also impeccable. I would recommend anyone to use ConnectBooster.
Maria Cruz

Unicom Solutions Group

If you’re going invest a lot of money to collect money, that defeats the purpose. ConnectBooster is very economical, easy to implement, and you don’t have to worry about your money coming in the door.
Zac Paulson

True IT

I have been using this integration for some time now and it works great. It has helped our business get all the agreements we need created and updated in ConnectWise so that we can match them up with the payments from GreatAmerica. We save a few hours every week because of this integration.
David Wolf

Just Solutions