Alex Rogers, CharTec

I have been using ConnectBooster since IT Nation 2012. It has simplified my accounting, reconciliation and collections significantly. I used to use several different plug-ins for QuickBooks and juggled downloads from my merchant accounts and banking. Now everything just seems to work. I recommend it to anyone

Mark Newton - ConnectBooster Testimonial
Mark Newton, Newton Technologies

We switched to ConnectBooster in August and it has already saved me a ton of time. No longer do I have to review all my recurring invoices and confirm the totals match what is set to charge on the customer’s credit card. Payments are now tied to the invoice and increase/decrease based on agreement in ConnectWise. The portal and payment options give us the same capabilities as much larger companies.

Steve Sexton, Baltimore Technology Group LLC

We have been using ConnectBooster since Aug, 2013. The setup was straight forward and we were able to get everything sync’d up between QB, CB and CW with minimal effort. Our clients have been updating their own Credit Card information and it has reduced the time involved in keeping client information up to date. ConnectBooster support has been great with correcting any issues and helping us with our processes to get things running smoot

Keith Stark, Strata Information Technology, Inc.

Man how life is different! Before ConnectBooster, we had to manually take payments over the phone for credit cards. With the integration, the payments can come in around the clock, and they do! We’ve been working with ConnectBooster for a while and there have been all kinds of changes and improvements. They’ve been a valuable partner in getting payments in quickly. They also have developers that are constantly working to make improvements and address requests which has helped add functionality.

Alexis Komondorea, WorkSmart, Inc.

The worst part about running your own business is wondering when the checks will come in. When we implemented ConnectBooser we had no way of knowing when our clients would pay. Now as a part of our onboarding we set them up with AutoPay, and immediately on the 1st and 15th, we get paid! We also don’t have to do any of the bookkeeping work to enter or deposit these payments.

ConnectBooster Does more than payments, clients use this portal to view service ticket history, invoice history, payment history, create tickets, and more. You can’t look at this tool as something you pay fore, because in the end, it pays you.

Mikel Reber, Perfect Computing, Inc

I have been using ConnectBooster for almost a year. We have lowered our processing costs and increased our collections. This product paid for itself within days! Don’t delay join ConnectBooster today!

Scott Haselkorn, Haselkorn, Inc.

We have used ConnectBooster for a little over a year. Our credit cards sales have gone up. We are having to make less collection calls due to our clients being able to pay on their own. ConnectBooster is also very user friendly.

Cat Bradley, Danielle Joyner, WorkSmart, Inc.

We have been a ConnectBooster user for about 5 months and consider it to be a “Must have” for any partner who accepts credit cards. We completely underestimated how much our customers would appreciate the convenience.

The QuickBooks integration is a big time saver for us. ConnectBooster pays the invoice, emails a customer receipt, and updates the payment information in QuickBooks. Simply cannot be any easier.

The installation process is very smooth and painless. Ongoing technical support is excellent. Highly recommended.

Michael Creed, Mega-Byte Computer Services, LLC

We’ve been using ConnectBooster for a few months now and love it! It has made things so much easier for us and our clients. I like how it’s easy to use, safely saves our client’s credit cards in the system for next time, clients can choose to make automatic payments, clients can view all their invoices in one place, and that it integrates with QuickBooks. Definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to save time and money.

Mandy Kotman, Kotman Technology

I have recently started with Stratus so my first impression of ConnectBooster is fresh in my mind. I was blown away by how easy it is to setup and use. The training provided is exceptional and very thorough. We have found it is so easy to get our existing clients to switch over to using our portal for payments. And all new clients are setup to use the portal as their default payment method. It is awesome! Would definitely recommend!

Kathryn Linford, Stratus IT Group

We have been using the ConnectBooster payment portal for about 6 months. The product works as described, saves us time, and has improved our aging AR. We have about 35% participation in our client base so far. The client portal is simple and easy to use. We have also implemented the credit card scanner module that allows us to quickly process payment for clients that walk in to our office.

We have experienced issues with the Intuit webconnector and have to monitor it regularly for successful synchronizations to ensure proper and timely posting of payments and invoices to the client portal.

Technical support is very helpful and responsive in answering questions and resolving issues.

Benita Benigni, Flagstaff IT