ConnectBooster Testimonials

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“[ConnectBooster] is a payment enabler. You can’t scale your business if you can’t collect.”

– Tim Conkle, The 20


“[ConnectBooster] was life changing for the business… they held our hands for onboarding…and it changed the way that I view finance in the company.”

– Deanna Pizzo, IT Solutions

“The extra money and time that I was able to regain with ConnectBooster allowed me to invest back in my business.”

– Angel Rojas, Datacorps

They’re not the only ones raving about ConnectBooster.

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Since we switched over to ConnectBooster for all our credit card and ACH transactions, automating and tracking payments has never been easier. The ConnectBooster portal is easy to use and allows us to see payment histories, payments pending, and payments outstanding with the click of a button. ConnectBooster offers a payment portal for your clients to process transactions and track invoicing for themselves. ConnectBooster’s staff is quick to respond to any problems or issues that arise resolve, in a timely fashion. If cash flow is important to you, then I would definitely recommend utilizing ConnectBooster and integrate it with your current accounting package.

Sharon Celani

Netlogic Computer Consulting, LLC

The worst part about running your own business is wondering when the checks will come in. When we implemented ConnectBooser we had no way of knowing when our clients would pay. Now as a part of our onboarding we set them up with AutoPay, and immediately on the 1st and 15th, we get paid! We also don’t have to do any of the bookkeeping work to enter or deposit these payments. ConnectBooster Does more than payments, clients use this portal to view service ticket history, invoice history, payment history, create tickets, and more. You can’t look at this tool as something you pay fore because in the end, it pays you.

Mikel Reber

Perfect Computing, Inc

We have been a ConnectBooster user for about 5 months and consider it to be a “Must have” for any partner who accepts credit cards. We completely underestimated how much our customers would appreciate the convenience.

The QuickBooks integration is a big time saver for us. ConnectBooster pays the invoice, emails a customer receipt, and updates the payment information in QuickBooks. Simply cannot be any easier.
The installation process is very smooth and painless. Ongoing technical support is excellent. Highly recommended.

Michael Creed

Mega-Byte Computer Services, LLC

We have been using ConnectBooster since Aug, 2013. The setup was straight forward and we were able to get everything sync’d up between QB, CB and CW with minimal effort. Our clients have been updating their own Credit Card information and it has reduced the time involved in keeping client information up to date. ConnectBooster support has been great with correcting any issues and helping us with our processes to get things running smooth.

Keith Stark

Strata Information Technology, Inc.

Man how life is different! Before ConnectBooster, we had to manually take payments over the phone for credit cards. With the integration, the payments can come in around the clock, and they do! We’ve been working with ConnectBooster for a while and there have been all kinds of changes and improvements. They’ve been a valuable partner in getting payments in quickly. They also have developers that are constantly working to make improvements and address requests which has helped add functionality.

Alexis Komondorea

WorkSmart, Inc.

ConnectBooster has streamlined our financial collection efforts. We are saving approximately 3 hours a month due to the automation that ConnectBooster has brought to our accounting.

Nathan Robertson

Adna Technologies