ConnectBooster Testimonials

These customer stories showcase real business impact.

“[ConnectBooster] is a payment enabler. You can’t scale your business if you can’t collect.”

– Tim Conkle, The 20


“[ConnectBooster] was life changing for the business… they held our hands for onboarding…and it changed the way that I view finance in the company.”

– Deanna Pizzo, IT Solutions

“The extra money and time that I was able to regain with ConnectBooster allowed me to invest back in my business.”

– Angel Rojas, Datacorps

They’re not the only ones raving about ConnectBooster.

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I have been using ConnectBooster for almost a year. We have lowered our processing costs and increased our collections. This product paid for itself within days! Don’t delay join ConnectBooster today!

Scott Haselkorn

Haselkorn, Inc.

We have used ConnectBooster for a little over a year. Our credit cards sales have gone up. We are having to make less collection calls due to our clients being able to pay on their own. ConnectBooster is also very user friendly.

Cat Bradley, Danielle Joyner

WorkSmart, Inc.

I have been using ConnectBooster since IT Nation 2012. It has simplified my accounting, reconciliation and collections significantly. I used to use several different plug-ins for QuickBooks and juggled downloads from my merchant accounts and banking. Now everything just seems to work. I recommend it to anyone.

Mark Newton

Newton Technologies

We have been using ConnectBooster to simplify the billing out of our ConnectWise and QuickBooks systems. We were first drawn to the service because we had existing open invoices in QuickBooks when we moved to ConnectWise. One of our frustrations was that clients were unable to see their Quickbooks invoices within the ConnectWise web portal. ConnectBooster resolved this.

Since then, we have implemented their auto-pay functionality with Credit Card and ACH transfers.

Whenever we have needed assistance, ConnectBooster’s staff have responded in a timely and effective manner. I’d suggest their service to any other company looking to bring client billing into a single location.

Kevin Landers


We have been using ConnectBooster’s integration for well over a year now.Considering the time it saves me, the monthly fee is competitively priced and well worth it.

Prior to becoming a customer, I had to run a list of people who wanted their agreements taken care of and manually process each one with our merchant service. Then I also has to record the payment information into QuickBooks. Huge time suck.

With ConnectBooster, not only can you setup auto payments for customers by agreement, but you can also set it up so your customers can access their account and review and pay their bills on their own. All this and it automatically synchronizes to QuickBooks. I highly recommend it as the way to go for managing your receivables.

Michael Vincelette

Integrity Systems & Solutions, LLC

We have been using the ConnectBooster payment portal for about 6 months. The product works as described, saves us time, and has improved our aging AR. We have about 35% participation in our client base so far. The client portal is simple and easy to use. We have also implemented the credit card scanner module that allows us to quickly process payment for clients that walk in to our office.

We have experienced issues with the Intuit webconnector and have to monitor it regularly for successful synchronizations to ensure proper and timely posting of payments and invoices to the client portal.

Technical support is very helpful and responsive in answering questions and resolving issues.

Benita Benigni

Flagstaff IT