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Say goodbye to time-consuming accounting tasks, stressful collections calls, and an aging A/R that just won’t quit. Say hello to effortless cash flow.

Get Paid, So Your Business Can Grow


If you’re like many service providers then you’re offering incredible value to your clients, but they aren’t always paying on time. The result is that your revenue ends up trapped in aging accounts receivable, and investing back into the growth of your business seems like a pipe dream.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. ConnectBooster is a scalable solution that fixes your cash flow. We’re trusted by thousands of service providers to get paid on time, every time, all while saving time. Are you next?

An Award-Winning

Payment Automation Platform

Here are 6 ways ConnectBooster can help you grow & scale.

1. Recover Your Time

With two-way data-syncing between your tools and a suite of payment automations, ConnectBooster saves anywhere between 8-20 hours per month on billing-related tasks.

2. Improve Cash Flow (No More A/R Problems)

Before ConnectBooster, the average service business waits 48 days to get paid by their clients. After adoption, that wait time drops to 1.4 days.

3. Recoup Credit Card Processing Fees

There’s a chance you’re losing thousands of dollars to credit card fees each year, or even each month. With ACH and automated discount options, you never have to take a revenue hit from credit card processing fees, again. (Even if your customers still pay by credit card.)

4. Systems That Grow With You, Effortlessly

How many of your systems require more resources to scale? With ConnectBooster, onboarding and collections are a breeze, whether you have 20 clients or 200. (Or more!)

5. Happier Clients

Your clients will love the transparency and ease-of-use of their new 24/7, 365 payments portal. Plus, eliminating awkward collections conversations means your client relationships will stay focused on what matters: your services.

6. Stay Connected

You only need an accounting package to reap amazing benefits from ConnectBooster. But for businesses who use 2 or more integrations, ConnectBooster helps the tools you’ve already invested in, talk to each other. So you get better automations, less tedious copying, and no more data entry errors.

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