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Key Features


Support for multiple payment methods, including credit and direct debit


1-way PSA sync


2-way accounting software sync


Automate payment directly from recurring PSA contracts


Automated reconciliation of PSA transactions in accounting software


Automated payment reminders based on preferred intervals


MSP-branded client portal


Set it and forget it with Autopay


Diverse payment options: portal, reminders, notices and Autopay


Display PSA or accounting invoice images


Automate a convenience fee % on credit card payments


Single sign-on (SSO/SAML)

*Terms and conditions apply. ConnectBooster price is per month, based on a 36-month term. Price listed is subject to foreign exchange rates based on your country. A one-time onboarding fee applies. Payment processing fees are not included. View your applicable credit and direct rates for your country here

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Deanna Pizzo, IT Solutions

“ConnectBooster was life changing for the business. It changed the way that I view finance in the company.”

Angel Rojas, Datacorps

“I was able to regain extra money and time with ConnectBooster to invest it back in my business.”

Tim Conkle, The 20

“ConnectBooster is a payment enabler. You can’t scale your business if you can’t collect.”

Everything Your MSP Needs To Get Paid On Time

ConnectBooster has the best in-channel payment automation features, CRM, accounting, PSA and
quoting integrations, branded customer portals and is 100% PCI compliant.

Achieve faster, predictable
cash flow.
Automated follow-up on
aging account receivables.
Self serve, branded
customer portal payments.
PSA, CRM and Accounting
Autopayment options
and recurring billing.
Protect customer-sensitive information in a 100%
PCI-compliant payment vault.
Custom reports
and A/R dashboards.
Save 1-3 days per month
on billing-related tasks.
100% USA based support.

“ConnectBooster has streamlined our monthly billing process”


“Conquer your A/R, and Get Paid Faster through Billing Automation”


“Pays for itself with the time savings alone, and has automated payments for almost all of our customers. Highly recommend.”

Frequently asked questions

Are there limits for the number of invoices that can be sent per month?

There are no limits to the number of invoices that can be sent each month.  

What are the terms of the service?

You can read our terms of service in more detail here: Kaseya Subscription End User License Agreement (“EULA”) – Kaseya 

What counties can purchase ConnectBooster?

ConnectBooster is currently available in the following countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden. 

ConnectBooster Makes Real
Business Impact for MSPs Owners

Scott Haselkorn

- Haselkorn, Inc.

“I have been using ConnectBooster for almost a year. We have lowered our processing costs and increased our collections. This product paid for itself within days! Don’t delay join ConnectBooster today!”

Mark Newton

- Newton Technologies

"I have been using ConnectBooster since IT Nation 2012. It has simplified my accounting, reconciliation and collections significantly. I used to use several different plug-ins for QuickBooks and juggled downloads from my merchant accounts and banking."

Cat Bradley, Danielle Joyner

- WorkSmart, Inc.

"We have used ConnectBooster for a little over a year. Our credit cards sales have gone up. We are having to make less collection calls due to our clients being able to pay on their own. ConnectBooster is also very user friendly."

Mikel Reber

- Perfect Computing, Inc.

"The worst part about running your own business is wondering when the checks will come in. When we implemented ConnectBooser we had no way of knowing when our clients would pay. Now as a part of our onboarding we set them up with AutoPay, and immediately on the 1st and 15th, we get paid! We also don’t have to do any of the bookkeeping work to enter or deposit these payments. ConnectBooster Does more than payments, clients use this portal to view service ticket history, invoice history, payment history, create tickets, and more. You can’t look at this tool as something you pay fore because in the end, it pays you."

Nathan Robertson

- Adna Technologies

"ConnectBooster has streamlined our financial collection efforts. We are saving approximately 3 hours a month due to the automation that ConnectBooster has brought to our accounting."

Benita Benigni

- Flagstaff IT

"We have been using the ConnectBooster payment portal for about 6 months. The product works as described, saves us time, and has improved our aging AR. We have about 35% participation in our client base so far. The client portal is simple and easy to use. We have also implemented the credit card scanner module that allows us to quickly process payment for clients that walk in to our office. We have experienced issues with the Intuit webconnector and have to monitor it regularly for successful synchronizations to ensure proper and timely posting of payments and invoices to the client portal. Technical support is very helpful and responsive in answering questions and resolving issues."

Evan Gorman

- Connections for Business

"ConnectBooster has completely removed the headaches from our Automated Billing process. The portal is great and easy to use and the support team is always responsive and reachable. We highly recommend this product to anyone looking to minimize their repetitive administrative tasks."

Curt Miller

- Anexeon, LLC

“Great product. It has allowed us to have the same online “look” as the large corporations and banks that offer these online payment services. Easy to administer – easy to work with. Highly recommended.”

Verone Leimer

- Run Solutions Business

“The biggest reason I would recommend ConnectBooster is because of how it automates our entire customer payment process. It’s pretty hands off and I love that it keeps pace with our business as we grow.”

David Wolf

- Just Solutions

“ConnectBooster is fantastic! The portal looks great and makes it easy for me to configure. The best part is that it made charging my clients cards automatically a completely automated process. Can’t recommend this tool enough.”

Arix Tovmassian

- IT Operations at Jambrina CPA

“I would recommend ConnectBooster to any business. It is the best value on the market. Not only are you able to provide a centralized portal where clients can review invoices and make payments, but you also have access to a well-layered notification system and one of the lowest transaction fees through the attached payment gateway.”

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