Zomentum Integration With ConnectBooster

ConnectBooster provides a direct payment integration for Zomentum. Simplify accepting payment via quote using ConnectBooster’s integration with the world’s first IT sales acceleration platform.

Get integrated with Zomentum today!

  • Accept credit cards directly from quotes
  • U.S-based ConnectBooster product support
  • Easy to make payment optional or required on your quotes
  • Accept partial or full payment amount on quotes
  • Show transaction history within the customer’s ConnectBooster Portal

Zomentum is the world’s first sales acceleration platform built exclusively for IT channel partners. It empowers MSPs to streamline sales, personalize proposals, gain instant approvals, and close more deals faster.

Streamline accepting payment for Zomentum quotes through ConnectBooster

Getting paid has never been easier! Now your team can prepare and generate quote documents in Zomentum and collect payment upfront. ConnectBooster saves your sales and billing department time and money by letting users accept and pay for their quote without needing an invoice. Your customer’s payment is securely captured and then processed through our PCI Compliant Gateway solution.

Stop switching between tools to manage your sales cycle; ConnectBooster makes it easy for prospects to become raving customers in seconds.

Just ask our customers…

The faster we can handle our billing in the least amount of time is the most important thing for us and to make it easy on our clients. The billing and invoicing process are a representation of the trust that our clients have with us, without that trust, our business isn’t doing its job.

Scott Spiro, CEO

Computer Solutions Group, Inc.