GreatAmerica Integration Services

ConnectBooster provides a direct payment for GreatAmerica. Simplify your billing process using ConnectBooster’s integration with GreatAmerica.

Get Integrated with GreatAmerica Today!

Automate your entire collection process with ConnectBooster’s GreatAmerica Integration. Through a custom payment portal and accounting software integrations, MSPs can reduce their aging accounts receivables from 30+ days to 1.5 days, and time-consuming billing tasks to get paid on time, every time.

How GreatAmerica And ConnectBooster Help Your Business With Billing

Designed for IT Service Providers, ConnectBooster eliminates common billing problems that prevent them from collecting predictable recurring monthly revenue when leasing hardware. ConnectBooster automatically collects payments based on pre-set rules and contracts in GreatAmerica. Even if an invoice includes variable or fluctuating billing amounts, ConnectBooster pulls information directly from your customer agreements in GreatAmerica, saving your accounting team countless hours of manually adjusting invoices, as well as preventing billing errors.

ConnectBooster Integration - Great America

GreatAmerica is a national leasing company that provides businesses with affordable commercial equipment and technology finance services.

Give Customers A Better Billing Experience With ConnectBooster And GreatAmerica

With full transparency to view invoice history and the ability to manage payment options 24/7, customers can easily update credit card and ACH bank payment information. Providing your customers a professional billing experience, all the while accelerating your collections process.

In addition to giving clients the ability to pay via their preferred credit or debit card, MSPs can implement the “cash discount” feature. This feature gives GreatAmerica users the ability to recoup processing fees and improve their margins with clients who prefer to self-finance using a credit card.

Managed service providers and their customers can have peace of mind as customers’ payment information is stored off of their internal network. As ConnectBooster’s integration with GreatAmerica offers a fully PCI Compliant Payment Vault, ensuring managed service providers do not compromise customer payment information.

Standard Benefits GreatAmerica Users Receive


Simplify the PCI Compliance process.


Save 2-4 hours a week on redundant accounting tasks.

Lower accounts receivables by 30 days.

Increase billing transparency with customers.

Key GreatAmerica Integration Features

  • Individual break-down of remittance payments visibility.
  • Easily transfer remittance payments to existing QuickBooks invoices.
  • Create invoice templates to automatically generate invoices in QuickBooks and match payments each month (if your invoices don’t already exist).
  • Hands-off, full automation with ConnectWise & GreatAmerica integration.
  • Securely store customer payment data offsite.
  • Payment reconciliation to the accounting software.
  • Customizable/branded portal (logos/colors & ad-cards).
  • Automated new invoice notifications.
  • Automated invoice past due/collection notifications.
  • View if clients are receiving invoices through email history tracking.
  • Automatically update customers’ cards when issuing bank makes changes.
  • Automatic and on-demand integration sync capabilities.

Setting Up Your GreatAmerica Integration Is Easy

Getting started with ConnectBooster is easy. Our team will completely set up your payment portal and provide an installation call to train your team on using the portal. We also set up the integration with GreatAmerica. 

Already a ConnectBooster partner? Click here to set up your integration. 

Beyond a dedicated support team, managed service providers can access continued training and online documentation to ensure they receive their clients’ best value. Whether IT Providers are billing 20 clients, or 200, ConnectBooster remains the same costs and can scale with your business as you grow.