Integration With ConnectBooster

What does ConnectBooster add to Autotask?

  • Accept credit cards & ACH payments
  • Automatically pay invoices based on recurring agreements
  • Synchronize Manage contacts and email addresses for easy client login
  • Easily View and Print identical Manage invoice template copies
  • Manage invoice template copies
  • Service ticket creation
  • View existing Projects & Contracts
  • Simplify the PCI Compliance process

Autotask is a fully automated Professional Services Automation (PSA) tool for MSPs. It integrates with Datto RMM and offers businesses a way to manage service contracts, support requests, and much more.

The Autotask Integration gives you the tools you need to succeed.

Fully automate your billing process and stop manually reconciling transactions between Autotask and your accounting software. We do the work for you.

ConnectBooster streamlines your cash flow and allows you to collect money for your services with ease. Your business can collect money owed, all while giving your customer the ability to pay their bill when and where it’s convenient for them.

Our AutoPay feature also allows for recurring payments, giving you control over your finances. Once a client makes a payment through our secure gateway, the payment is automatically synced to your accounting software, reducing error and increasing efficiency.

Just ask our customers…

That was the feature that made us choose ConnectBooster – being able to set up our Autotask contracts on ConnectBooster’s autopay to automatically collect revenue. The fact that ConnectBooster integrates with Autotask was critical to our credit card and payment processing needs.

Kirsten Ekstrand, Service Delivery Manager

Advanced Intelligence Engineering