Logicspeak experiences 20% annual growth through a scalable billing solution. 

About Logicspeak

Established in 2004 and based in Atlanta, Ga., Logicspeak employs 11 people and serves more than 70 clients. The company provides managed IT services for local, small businesses and delivers specialized technology support, including CAD and project management solutions, to area engineering firms. 

Why they needed ConnectBooster

Logicspeak’s time-consuming and often confusing process to accept digital payments made life complicated and hectic for their accountant and other staff members. As a result, the team struggled to keep up with the increasing number of digital payment transactions. Duplicate, tedious tasks in their manual collection and entry processes left them vulnerable to inefficiencies and more prone to errors.  

After experimenting with PayPal as a backend Internet gateway, which included writing an integration to their API, Logicspeak’s automation capabilities remained limited, and the connection frequently broke.  

Logicspeak needed an automated, scalable solution that would ensure they go paid and eliminate collection headaches. 

How ConnectBooster impacted their business

Logicspeak CEO Jason Ethridge selected ConnectBooster, based on peer recommendations and its reputation for automation, to help speed up and simplify their collections process. 

“Our payment platform now links with Autotask and QuickBooks, which means we no longer have to create new usernames and passwords and input payment data in other systems. ConnectBooster pulls the information it needs and updates the other applications.” 

How did ConnectBooster’s payment portal impact Logicspeak? 

  • The company saved approximately 4-6 billable hours per month in time previously spent on collections just by implementing ConnectBooster—even after acquiring another firm and doubling their monthly invoices. 
  • Logicspeak’s revenue increased 20% year-over-year since implementing the new payment system. 
  • Clients are now billed automatically, without any additional effort from the Logicspeak team. 

Why they would recommend ConnectBooster

The automated collections process fixed our problem. We enjoy having more cash in our checking account every month, not additional accounts receivable. That lets us automate more processes, hire more (and more qualified) employees, and continue building out our managed services practice.

Jason Ethridge, CEO