QuickBooks & QuickBooks Online Integration with ConnectBooster

Scaling and growing your business just got easier with our integration with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online.  Automatically reconcile payments, manage receipts, and calculate business expenses and employee taxes with ease.

  • Automatically pay invoices based on terms or amounts
  • Create custom Net Due notifications on your invoices
  • Payments automatically reconcile to GL account, and mark invoices as paid
  • Synchronize email addresses for simple client login and notifications
  • View and Print PDF copies of invoices online

Say hello to effortless cash flow through our integration with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online

ConnectBooster is a fully automated billing software solution designed to scale with your business, whether you are invoicing 20 or 200 clients. Two-way data-syncing transfers data between ConnectBooster and either QuickBooks or QuickBooks Online software, saving you 8-20 hours a month on tedious billing tasks. 

Your customers will have access to their account balance, number of open invoices, invoice history, number of past-due invoices, past-due balance, and payment history. Invoices created exclusively in QuickBooks or QuickBooks Online are also viewable and payable within ConnectBooster allowing for complete flexibility.

Be Structured no longer acts as a collections agency and gets paid on time

The Integration with QuickBooks is almost shocking, and it automatically runs all of our financial transactions each month. I never have to worry about $200,000 sitting in A/R that I can’t use to grow my business.

Chad Lauterbach

CEO, Be Structured Technology Group