Be Structured

Be Structured Technology Group removes escalating accounts receivables

About Be Structured

Since 2007, Los Angeles-based Be Structured Technology Group has supported businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Why they needed ConnectBooster

The ownership team was struggling to control its substantial and continually escalating accounts receivables balance with little progress.

In fact, approximately $200,000 of Be Structured Technology Group’s AR was more than 90 days overdue, and many of the firm’s clients were notoriously slow making payments.

Their invoicing and collections process was creating significant operational problems for the company, its management team, and many key employees

How ConnectBooster impacted their business

After implementing ConnectBooster, billing and payment problems started going away for Be Structured Technology Group. The system eliminated posting related tasks, and automation helped streamline many of the company’s more complicated and error-prone processes.

ConnectBooster improved the efficiency of all billing and collections methods, reducing the firm’s labor requirements while automatically syncing information with its accounting and PSA platforms.

It saved countless bookkeeping hours and a tremendous amount of hassle.

The result? Be Structured Technology Group collected more than $12,000 in outstanding AR right away, including a large payment from one of its largest managed services clients which had previously been extremely slow with its payments. The company also eliminated erroneous fees associated with its merchant account another great benefit of their ConnectBooster implementation.

Why they would recommend ConnectBooster

The Integration with QuickBooks is almost shocking, and it automatically runs all of our financial transactions each month. I never have to worry about $200,000 sitting in A/R that I can’t use to grow my business.

Chad Lauterbach, CEO

Be Structured Technology Group