ConnectBooster Testimonials

These customer stories showcase real business impact.

“[ConnectBooster] is a payment enabler. You can’t scale your business if you can’t collect.”

– Tim Conkle, The 20


“[ConnectBooster] was life changing for the business… they held our hands for onboarding…and it changed the way that I view finance in the company.”

– Deanna Pizzo, IT Solutions

“The extra money and time that I was able to regain with ConnectBooster allowed me to invest back in my business.”

– Angel Rojas, Datacorps

They’re not the only ones raving about ConnectBooster.

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We switched to ConnectBooster in August and it has already saved me a ton of time. No longer do I have to review all my recurring invoices and confirm the totals match what is set to charge on the customer’s credit card. Payments are now tied to the invoice and increase/decrease based on agreement in ConnectWise. The portal and payment options give us the same capabilities as much larger companies.

Steve Sexton

Baltimore Technology Group LLC

We had been using another payment portal for a year, but found that it was awkward to keep it updated for our MRR clients, and difficult for our break/fix clients to use (as well as requiring manual entry for our bookkeeper). ConnectBooster simplifies the setup and allows our clients to save their information for easy future payments. Since it hooks into CW and Quickbooks, it also keeps our books up to date and lets us know right away when clients have paid.

Paul Sky Switzer

Kerkhoff Technologies Inc.

We’ve been using ConnectBooster for a few months now and love it! It has made things so much easier for us and our clients. I like how it’s easy to use, safely saves our client’s credit cards in the system for next time, clients can choose to make automatic payments, clients can view all their invoices in one place, and that it integrates with QuickBooks. Definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to save time and money.

Mandy Kotman

Kotman Technology

ConnectBooster has completely removed the headaches from our Automated Billing process. The portal is great and easy to use and the support team is always responsive and reachable. We highly recommend this product to anyone looking to minimize their repetitive administrative tasks.

Evan Gorman

Connections for Business

I would recommend ConnectBooster to any business. It is the best value on the market. Not only are you able to provide a centralized portal where clients can review invoices and make payments, but you also have access to a well-layered notification system and one of the lowest transaction fees through the attached payment gateway.

Arix Tovmassian

IT Operations at Jambrina CPA

I have recently started with Stratus so my first impression of ConnectBooster is fresh in my mind. I was blown away by how easy it is to setup and use. The training provided is exceptional and very thorough. We have found it is so easy to get our existing clients to switch over to using our portal for payments. And all new clients are setup to use the portal as their default payment method. It is awesome! Would definitely recommend!

Kathryn Linford

Stratus IT Group