National Technology Management

Major ConnectWise partner fires 20% of slow-paying clients and solves A/R problems.

About National Technology Management

National Technology Management is a Southfield, MA-based firm resulting from a merger with another technology provider in 2011.

Why they needed ConnectBooster

National Technology Management (NTM) had cash flow concerns. Despite the company’s continuing ability to add new client accounts every month, slow payments and increasing accounts receivables were depriving them of capital to grow the business.

Cash flow issues were preventing NTM executives from building out their sales and support teams to better support their clients and drive new revenue.

Though expert consultants in the ConnectWise platform, they found its invoicing service could only do so much. It was not able to convert enough of their AR into cash each month.

ConnectWise does allow MSPs to pull up profitability on their customers.“That’s what made me start looking at slow payers, and I realized there was a direct correlation between slow payments and unprofitable clients,” says Kelly Siegel, CEO of NTM. He discovered most of their customers were more than sixty days out on payments, and 93% of those companies paid late.

How ConnectBooster impacted their business

The NTM team decided to automate their payment processes and totally transform their billing. They realized that approximately 20% of their clients were not on board with the plan and Siegel made the decision to fire those who refused to adopt automated payments.

“You shouldn’t have to beg someone for money you deserve, to be paid for work you already performed.”

By firing their late-paying clients, NTM reduced its list of unprofitable accounts. Siegel now partners only with companies that value their time and are willing to pay for services his team delivers.

Why they would recommend ConnectBooster

We have a 100% adoption rate with new clients, which has changed our company tremendously. I no longer struggle with late-paying customers or accounts receivable thanks to ConnectBooster and the new way we do business.

Kelly Siegel, CEO

National Technology Management