Clever Ducks

Clever Ducks eliminates manual accounting task, saves $600 per month.

About Clever Ducks

Clever Ducks is a 16 employee San Luis Obispo based firm that provides computer consulting support to small businesses on the Central Coast of California.

Why they needed ConnectBooster

Clever Ducks previous billing and collections approach was labor-intensive and demanded a lot of the management team’s attention. Invoices for the fixed fee services were sent out via ConnectWise each month, yet they always struggled to get paid for the work they completed.

Delivery was one issue, according to Peter Kardel, CEO of Clever Ducks. “There was a time where we were missing much of our mail, including a lot of customer payments that were lost by the postal carrier. Our AR multiplied in those two or three months, and that was damaging.

Payments were also delayed by their payment processing company as well. The Clever Ducks accounting department had to add information manually to the system each month, and Intuit often took several days to deposit payments into the MSP’s bank account.

Kardel and his team got tired of dealing with the delays, postal issues, and other collections problems, and decided it was time to make a change.

How ConnectBooster impacted their business

After implementing ConnectBooster, Clever Ducks was able to automate its draft process for agreements, which had been an entirely manual procedure in their Intuit system.

Their collections and accounting process is easier and faster today. In fact, Clever Ducks cut 15 hours a month from invoicing alone, saving the company $600 a month. That time was reallocated to financial planning and growing the business. ConnectBooster makes it easier for MSPs to scale their operations and customer count.

Clever Duck’s clients love it, too. The ConnectBooster portal lets their customers pay bills and review current and past invoices online, saving time and effort for everyone.

Why they would recommend ConnectBooster

Chasing down client payments is time consuming. ConnectBooster not only saves time for our business, but it puts money in our bank account.

Peter Kardel, CEO

Clever Ducks