Computer Solutions Group

Computer Solutions Group saved valuable time on their invoicing process.

About Computer Solutions Group

Computer Solutions Group works to help small and medium-sized businesses receive a return on investments through their technology services. Computer Solutions Group is based in Los Angeles, California and has 20 employees.

Why they needed ConnectBooster

Computer Solutions Group, Inc. was in a tough spot with their invoicing. They were spending unnecessary time on their billing process, trying to efficiently reconcile invoices between QuickBooks and their CRM, and ultimately were trying to work with a process that was broken.

Owner Scott Spiro longed for the day where an integration existed between their CRM in ConnectWise, and their accounting package in QuickBooks, so they could automate what once was a manual time-suck.

This part of their business cost CSG time, money, and perpetuated their invoicing struggles because there was no good solution to their problem.

The only bright spot in their old billing process was a half-baked integration between QuickBooks, which attempted to help with their billing issues, but failed to solve their overall situation.

How ConnectBooster impacted their business

Computer Solutions Group, Inc. CEO Scott Spiro was searching for a way to bridge the gap between ConnectWise, QuickBooks, and their merchant services.

While in the middle of researching a tool to alleviate their invoicing problems, CSG learned from one of their peers, CharTec, about ConnectBooster.

What they learned intrigued them. CSG discovered that ConnectBooster was designed by an IT company, for the IT industry, and they were intrigued by a solution that was straightforward in nature as well as easy to use.

Computer Solutions Group CEO, Scott Spiro, was thrilled with the results. Here’s what CSG experienced when using this automated invoicing solution:

  • Provided an overview to clients on their bills, both past due and paid.
  • Excellent support from the ConnectBooster support team.
  • Immediate time savings because of the integration with ConnectWise and QuickBooks.

Why they would recommend ConnectBooster

The faster we can handle our billing in the least amount of time is the most important thing for us and to make it easy on our clients. The billing and invoicing process are a representation of the trust that our clients have with us, without that trust, our business isn’t doing its job.

Scott Spiro, CEO

Computer Solutions Group