Visionary 360

Visionary 360 implements payment automation and improves its financial operations

About Visionary 360

Visionary 360 opened in 2004, and began offering business consultation for MSPs over the past few years. The team provides support for ConnectWise, QuickBooks, and various monitoring and quoting tools.

Why they needed ConnectBooster

Like their peers, Visionary 360 was struggling to get paid on time. Team members manually processed each transaction using Intuit payment software a very labor-intensive and productivity-sapping endeavor.

Certain agreements on Visionary 360’s IT services business side remained the same every month, and fixed costs were easy, but every variable contract and project had-to-hand processed.

This method was incredibly inefficient and caused the company extra time and money that could have been spent on growth.

The team at Visionary 360 knew they needed to find a simplified and streamlined process for taking payments.

How ConnectBooster impacted their business

“One of my clients was an IT firm running about 700 credit cards a month,” says Matthew Zaroff, president and senior business consultant at Visionary 360. His customer processed everything manually with no automation until they implemented ConnectBooster.

When Zaroff realized how much time and money his colleague was saving, and how many payment headaches it eliminated, he saw the light. The safe payment portal not only streamlined how they accepted payments but eliminated the need to store customers’ sensitive credit card information.

“I just send out a URL to the ConnectBooster portal that allows customers to enter their payment information – I don’t do a thing,” said Zaroff. Implementing ConnectBooster solved Visionary 360’s payment complications. In fact, the solution eliminates most of their collections headaches.

Why they would recommend ConnectBooster

ConnectBooster’s support is great. Whenever I’ve had an issue, their response is quick, and someone continues to work with us until it’s resolved. I want to focus on my business, and not how we handle payments. ConnectBooster takes care of the manual process and gives us to freedom to focus on our business.

Matthew Zaroff, President

Visionary 360