Christo IT Services

Christo IT Services spends zero time processing payments because of invoicing automation.

About Christo IT Services

Christo Information Technology Services provides top-notch technical support, usually reserved for large corporations, to small and medium-sized businesses in the Philadelphia and Delaware Valley area.

Why they needed ConnectBooster

One of the challenges for Christo IT Services was overcoming high credit card fees as they paid $30,000 annually in credit card fees. Between 2008 and 2013, Christo IT Services saw credit card fees rise from $3,000 for processing payments to more than $30,000 annually.

Those costs were negatively affecting the business and continuing to escalate out of control with every new client, and each additional project, sale, and contract. The company was losing between 3% to 4% of profit margin to these credit card fees. With so many clients on monthly billing, in addition to frequent project and hardware sales, their bottom line and profitability were negatively affected by these excessive charges.

But that wasn’t Christo IT’s only back office struggle. The firm’s accounts receivable process was highly inefficient, and employees were spending more than eight hours each month manually processing payments. After assessing and identifying their primary payment concerns, the management team decided to seek out a comprehensive, cost-effective solution.

How ConnectBooster impacted their business

Since Christo IT Services was already using ConnectWise professional services automation as their CRM system, the fix for their biggest problems was quite simple. They decided to partner with ConnectBooster and integrate QuickBooks into their ConnectWise platform.

Their result was streamlining their payment and accounting processes while saving more than $50,000 in credit card fees in the first two years. The team at Christo IT Services no longer worries about being paid correctly as their invoicing is driven by the recurring contracts inside of ConnectWise, which update automatically with any changes.

By partnering with ConnectWise, ConnectBooster, and their accounting package, Christo IT Services improved cash flow and reduced their payment processing expenses. This outcome gave them the ability to invest in the things needed to grow their MSP.

Why they would recommend ConnectBooster

Our invoicing before ConnectBooster was a nightmare. We would spend over eight hours per month manually processing invoices and credit card payments.

Chris Schaller, Partner

Christo IT Services