PC Works Plus

PC Works Plus removed late-paying clients.

About Be Structured

PC Works Plus is a managed service provider, based in the greater Bellwood, Pennsylvania area. PC Works Plus employs a team of 18 and has been in operation for 25 years.

Why they needed ConnectBooster

PC Works Plus has great customers’. Sometimes, however, these managed service customers’ struggled with paying their invoices on time.

The fact that PC Works Plus customers’ often paid after the invoice due date was a point of frustration. To combat this, PC Works Plus tried a number of tactics, prior to using ConnectBooster. PC Works Plus would be proactive and email multiple payment reminders through their ConnectWise portal. The goal and hope was to eliminate the excuse “we lost our invoice, can you resend it.”

PC Works Plus would also run an A/R report to see which managed service customer was behind in payment. From there, PC Works Plus would email their customers, call their MSP customers and finally post the past invoice notification into the collections board in ConnectWise. These tactics were futile and of ten times lead to the same result over and over again.

How ConnectBooster impacted their business

Terra Wertz, managing partners of PC Works Plus, said “We needed to make it easier for our managed service customers to pay us. Our vendors definitely do not make it easy for us to pay our bills, but we needed to make it easy for our customers.”

ConnectBooster allowed PC Works that convenience factor for their managed service customers. Terra and her team began using ConnectBooster as a result of a recommendation and ultimately could not be happier.

PC Works Plus saw an immediate decrease in rolling accounts receivable. “Rolling A/R was the worst in the 30 day period. Our 45 to 60-day outstanding invoices were around the $90,000 range.”

PC Works Plus A /R goal is to have 100% of their MSP customers using ConnectBooster in 12 months.

Why they would recommend ConnectBooster

For us, it’s the convenience for our customers using ConnectBooster, as the reason we would recommend it. When it’s easy for our customers’ to pay us, they will pay faster.

Terra Wertz, CFO

PC Works Plus