Straight Edge Technology

Straight Edge Technology simplifies collections and strengthens its image to clients.

About Straight Edge Technology

Straight Edge technology is a managed IT, cloud and security services provider based in Corpus Christi, TX. The 12 employee MSP provides consulting and 24/7 tech support to local SMB and nonprofit organizations.

Why they needed ConnectBooster

The approach Straight Edge Technology took with its billing and collections process wasn’t working. Customer payment delays and continued inaction forced the company to send out a series of email reminders and notices.

No matter how much they coaxed their clients to pay overdue bills, their accounts receivable continued to rise. No one on the sales team was paid a commission until the money from their closed contracts and projects made it into the company’s bank account.

Unfortunately, too much of what they were owed remained in their clients’ pockets far too long, and it was having a negative effect on their cash flow. With growing managed IT and cloud services, Straight Edge Technology expected its recurring payment increases to cover monthly expenses. But that goal proved unattainable due to their ongoing collections issues.

After CEO Douglass Miller learned how much time his bookkeeper was spending on manual, time-consuming accounting tasks, he knew it was time to automate.

How ConnectBooster impacted their business

When Miller learned about the ConnectBooster integration with Autotask, their PSA platform, he signed up quickly.

That gave Straight Edge Technology an automated payment process that connected all its billing-related systems, including QuickBooks. ConnectBooster also solved the company’s ACH acceptance issues.

Their managed services clients can now review current and past invoices on their own secure payment portal. With a user-friendly interface, ConnectBooster simplifies electronic funds transfers and credit card transactions.

Straight Edge Technology has experienced 40% growth since implementing the payment platform and elimination of the company’s outstanding accounts receivable gets much of the credit.

Why they would recommend ConnectBooster

ConnectBooster really helped us put a process together that addresses payment, up front, which helped us scale. Having an automated payments portal makes our IT firm look bigger and more professional.

Douglass Miller, CEO

Straight Edge Technology