Hyperion Managed Services

Hyperion Managed Services eliminates tedious manual labor tied to billing clients.

About Hyperion Managed Services

Hyperion Managed Services is an IT provider who services small to medium-sized companies in the Metro Detroit area. They specialize in networking, cybersecurity, and backup disaster recovery

Why they needed ConnectBooster

Initially, Hyperion Managed Services was using ConnectWise to handle their payment processing and billing. They had to go in manually to adjust the invoices for all their clients every month.

It was tedious because ConnectWise wouldn’t automatically update their billing software to add in any new changes to their client’s bills. Without manual intervention, the team would have inaccurate bills, therefore, they had to manually adjust every invoice.

Their owner, Ryan Ninneman, wanted a solution that would integrate with ConnectWise and Quickbooks automatically update device count and ConnectWise manage, so that way the agreement billing was automatically updated without anyone having to intervene manually.

They mainly wanted a solution in place as they were continuing to onboard clients, and wanted to keep the manual labor aspect of it down to a minimum as they continued to grow.

How ConnectBooster impacted their business

Now every month ConnectBooster manually makes adjustments for Hyperion Managed Services. Anytime they make a change in ConnectWise for a client’s bill, it automatically updates it in ConnectBooster who then sends out the invoice for the correct amount.

Their customers also can manage their bills and track their past invoices through ConnectBooster’s payment portal. Meaning they can pay through bill directly after receiving the invoice, as well as monitoring any unpaid voices.

Hyperion Managed Services and their clients can both see their billing history and track their payments. It creates an easy way for clients to pay their bills and makes it effortless for Ryan and his team to collect money for the work they do.

Why they would recommend ConnectBooster

The portal is user-friendly and makes it easy for customers to pay their bills. It’s a great solution for manage our billing as we grow and keep our time on manual billing down.

Ryan Ninneman

Hyperion Managed Services