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Bulldog IT Services eliminates bookkeeping nightmares

About Bulldog IT

Bulldog IT Services is an MSP and IT services company serving the Detroit, Michigan region. A large portion of its annual revenue derives from long-term managed service contracts, with break-fix as a secondary practice.

Why they needed ConnectBooster

Bulldog IT Services wanted every invoice its team sent out to be paid on time, with no hassles in the bookkeeping process. The objective was to strengthen cash flow and keep customers (and employees) happy.

Unfortunately, their system was not communicating well, forcing team members to make regular manual adjustments and address billing issues with clients on an all too frequent basis. Bulldog IT Services’ biggest headache was an inability to sync customer billing data between ConnectWise, QuickBooks, and its credit card processor. Automation options were minimal, and the stress level was rising.

That’s when owner Mark Newton committed to finding a new process to eliminate those pain points. “I wanted a system that would import all our accounting information and speed up the reconciliation process through our bank.”

How ConnectBooster impacted their business

With accounts receivables issues on the rise, he needed a quick solution to address his company’s payment problems — which is when he discovered ConnectBooster. The ease of collection is what impressed Newton and his team most.

“Through our initial work with ConnectBooster and setting up its integrations between ConnectWise and QuickBooks, I discovered unpaid invoices that were over a year old.” The automation and reporting systems he put in place help keep situations like that from occurring.

Within a short time of the ConnectBooster implementation, Bulldog IT Services’ most significant AR issues had been resolved. Virtually every invoice is now paid right after it posts in the payment portal, which makes life a lot simpler for Newton, his team, and their customers.

With a robust reporting function, ConnectBooster communicates whenever payments are made and funds are deposited into the company’s bank accounts.

Why they would recommend ConnectBooster

We love to see that we are being paid. ConnectBooster has simplified our accounting, reconciliation, and collections significantly — now everything works. I recommend ConnectBooster to everyone.

Mark Newton, Chief Operations Officer

Bulldog IT Services