Wilson Computer Support

Wilson Computer Support thrives after near catastrophic A/R issues.

About Wilson Computer Support

Wilson Computer Support is an MSP and IT services firm supporting numerous businesses in the Birmingham, Alabama area. Founded in 2007, the company employs more than 15 professionals.

Why they needed ConnectBooster

Building a recession-proof MSP business isn’t easy. When clients’ sales and profits drop, the service provider is often the first to feel the pain — payments may be delayed or simply stop so their own cash flow remains positive.

That was the situation Alan Wilson found himself in when the recession of 2008 hit. Many Birmingham companies began to struggle financially and, as a result, his accounts receivable numbers rose significantly in a short amount of time.

The impact was nearly fatal to the previously thriving MSP. It was touch-and-go as Wilson worked through the financial issues to save his business, and he eventually wrote off more than $100,000 in bad debt due to the recession.

Despite the adversity, the MSP was able to work through the financial issues to keep the business afloat — and lessons learned from that experience were not forgotten. Wilson Computer Support not only survived but through growth and multiple acquisitions, has become a much stronger organization. But those past A/R problems continued to concern Wilson.

How ConnectBooster impacted their business

As a typical SMB owner, Wilson had little time to worry about accounts receivables and customer billing issues, but it remained a concern. Then a life and business changing moment took place: he discovered the automation opportunities with QuickBooks with his ConnectWise professional services automation platform.

The time savings from those integrations was huge. Unfortunately, it did not address the company’s collections delays. But when Wilson found out about the ConnectBooster integration with ConnectWise, he and his team got on board quickly.

That gives his team more time and a greater ability to focus on other “fires” instead of past-due invoices. Wilson Computer Support now has the automation tools needed to continue expanding its sales, services capabilities, and business opportunities.

Why they would recommend ConnectBooster

Payment automation is now a crucial part of our MSP business. None of our other vendors offer as much value to our business as ConnectBooster does.

Allan Wilson, Owner

Wilson Computer Support