Pink Hat Technology Management

Pink Hat Technology Management eliminates ACH limits with payment solution.

About Pink Hat Technology Management

Pink Hat Technology Management is a managed service provider, IT services and consulting firm supporting educational vertical, nonprofit organizations, and small to mid-sized businesses.

Why they needed ConnectBooster

The leadership team of Pink Hat Technology Management wanted to improve the options their customers had available to pay invoices quickly and painlessly. After settling on ACH (automated clearing house) as a preferred method, they ran into a major obstacle: their monthly charges did not meet banks’ minimum thresholds.

Despite steady growth in its managed services and consulting business, its invoice charges were simply not large enough to satisfy the needs of financial institutions that handled those types of payments.

Another problem the company wanted to solve was excessive credit card fees. They were paying 2.5% to 3% for processing every transaction on top of their employee costs. The time and frustration associated with manual credit card payment processing were a nuisance, and the fees were an ongoing annoyance that negatively impacted their bottom line and cash flow.

Managing Partner Joy Beland set out to improve the process and lower the company’s associated AR costs.

How ConnectBooster impacted their business

After researching and assessing all the options, Pink Hat Technology Management chose ConnectBooster for its ability to simply employees’ lives, reduce billing and invoicing headaches, and decrease transaction fees.

That peace of mind is invaluable to MSPs. The ConnectBooster Portal is easy to set up and just as simple for employees and customers to use. Security and privacy are other major benefits. The Pink Hat Technology Management team never sees their client’s payment choices or information in ConnectBooster, a PCI compliant solution that exceeds the basic compliance standards to ensure everyone involved in a transaction has peace of mind. That includes MSPs, clients, and their respective employees.

Why they would recommend ConnectBooster

The process before ConnectBooster, was a very manual one. We would have to process each credit card transaction by hand and then go into QuickBooks to complete it. With ConnectBooster, we cut our payments processing time from half of a work day, to minutes.

Joy Beland, Managing Partner

Pink Hat Technology Management