Tech Heads, Inc.

No more accounting aggravations for Tech Heads, Inc.

About Tech Heads, Inc.

Founded in 1995, Portland, Oregon-based Tech Heads Incorporated has more than 500 active clients and 22 employees. The company provides outsourced IT services, project management, disaster recovery planning, and other tech-related support to all size businesses.

Why they needed ConnectBooster

Tech Heads ran approximately 90% of its check payments through a deposit scanner supplied by a bank, and all its credit cards went through PayPal Pro.

The financial fees were taking a big bite out of the company’s profit margins. In fact, credit card expenses were climbing so quickly that the Tech Heads management team began discouraging customers from using that form of payment.

Another problem was the process itself. With limited automation, many of those steps were manual, and recording and system logins required a fair amount of the team’s time each month. It also slowed the payment process and negatively affected the company’s cash flow.

How ConnectBooster impacted their business

While implementing Autotask, they started reviewing its integration options, including ConnectBooster. The management team wanted autopay for its recurring billing customers.

After seeing the ConnectBooster demo, they knew they’d found the right solution and signed up for the beta program. With the platform in place, credit card payments suddenly made sense again and the company began encouraging its IT clients to make the conversion.

The QuickBooks integration simplifies their transactions. Reports can be sent directly to the accounting team, rather than requiring multiple logins, and the interface is easy for employees and customers to use.

Why they would recommend ConnectBooster

Our MSP now has options to accept payments instead of using one credit card provider, and ConnectBooster gives our IT clients more control over their payments and billing process.

Randy Richardson, CEO

Tech Heads, Inc.