Sync your PSA with Xero or QuickBooks Online in a single click.

No missing data. No time-consuming tasks.

No more missing data between your cloud accounting and PSA software


Eliminate Double Data Entry

Ensure identical invoice data between cloud accounting and PSA software without manual entry.

Automatic Customer Creation

Synchronize new or missing client accounts into your accounting suite.

Full Invoice Line Item Details

Include detailed descriptions, amounts, unit, quantity, and product codes.

Eliminate tedious manual tasks

Transfer CRM Invoices To Cloud Accounting

Generate invoices in preferred CRM software to your cloud accounting software; all without losing details.

Record Paid Invoices From Cloud Accounting Back To PSA

Reconcile payments made through your cloud accounting software and reflect the updated balance in your PSA software without manual data entry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What accounting and CRM/PSA systems does this support?

This tool is only for select cloud based accounting and CRM/PSA packages.

Support Now Available:

  • ConnectWise and QuickBooks Online
  • ConnectWise and Xero
What information does this tool synchronize?

Invoices and Payments

Does this sync Inventory, Purchase Orders or Expenses?

No. Just invoices and payments for now. Depending on demand we may expand functionality in the distant future.

What does the flow of data look like?

Sync by ConnectBooster will transfer new invoices from CRM to the Accounting suite, and new payments (invoice balances) from accounting suite to the CRM.

What information will transfer on the invoice?

Line items including detail description, amount, unit, quantity, and product codes.

What type of invoices will this transfer?

Agreement/Contract, Product,Time, Down Payment and Misc Invoices

Do I need to be an existing ConnectBooster Portal client?

Nope! This is a stand-alone offering.