Overlooked Valuation Drivers MSPs need to Consider for M&A

M&A activity in the Channel is at an all-time high and continues to grow. Whether you hope to buy or sell, there’s more to a valuation than the invoice amount of your customer list. This webinar will examine often-overlooked factors that affect valuation. 

In this webinar, you will learn…  

  • How to improve the value of your business, so that you’re not just valued on your customer list.  
  • Underutilized valuation drivers MSPs need to consider for M&A  
  • How automating cashflow improves the value of your bottom line 


Ryan Theis

Chief Strategy Officer 

Ryan sets and leads the growth strategy of ConnectBooster and oversees sales and business development. Since joining the company nearly 15 years ago, he has worked in several roles, including sales, marketing, consulting, product development and support. With diverse skills and robust experience in every core function of business, Ryan has helped thousands of MSPs achieve their business objectives. Specific to M&A and from a buyer’s perspective, he is accustomed to the due diligence process to assess a holistic view of a business’ health.


Taylor Thorson

Channel Manager

Taylor Thorson is responsible for partner engagement and supporting the company at industry events and in other channel-related activities. Taylor joined ConnectBooster in January of 2020 and has consistently taken on more responsibilities within the MSP ecosystem.

A graduate of Minnesota State University Moorhead with a bachelor’s degree in business and minors in marketing and public relations, Taylor enjoys traveling, being out on the lake, and spending time with her family and friends.