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Simplify your IT company’s accounting and reduce the amount of work your MSP deals with when accepting payments. Your IT firm will save hours upon hour of time every month, as all transactions run through ConnectBooster are automatically reconciled in QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online.

Your customers will have access to their account balance, number of open invoices, invoice history, number of past due invoices, past due balance and payment history. Invoices created exclusively in QuickBooks or QuickBooks Online are also viewable and payable within ConnectBooster allowing for complete flexibility.

Learn Why Our Customers Love Us

“ConnectBooster ROI (Return on Investment) is Ridiculous!”

  1. We will save you hours of time every month by automating the slow and manual method of accepting payments.
  2. Automate your A/R Reconciliation via our “hands off” – Saving you hours of time every month.
  3. Get Paid without answering the phone or running to the bank.
  4. Eliminate double data entry and mistakes.
  5. Eliminate the “we didn’t see our invoice” excuse!
  6. Your customers have access to their current and past invoices anytime = no more phone calls or emails for re-sending invoices or statements.
  7. We will reduce your cost of accepting electronic payments.
  8. Increase customer confidence and retention by making this great technology available.

Did you know?

Our average client reduces their Aging A/R by 97.12% after utilizing ConnectBooster.

ConnectBooster Average AR Aging Comparison
ConnectBooster Average AR Aging

Check out this graph using average data from all of our ConnectBooster clients showing the number of days overdue on average their customers pay their invoices. If you look at month one, the average is about 45 days past due. So for example, if your average client is invoicing at net 30 that means you are getting paid on average 75 day after they send out an invoice. By utilizing ConnectBooster our clients are getting their customers to auto pay on recurring agreements and also making the non recurring payments much easier to pay with the ConnectBooster Payment Portal. After month eleven our clients collect payments on or before the invoice due dates on average. If you have $30,000 of overdue A/R at any given time like many of our clients did, how can you afford not to reduce that by 97.12%? That would mean $29,136 more usable cash on hand. Last we checked you can’t pay bills with A/R but you can with cash.

Raving Customer Testimonials

  • We had been using another payment portal for a year, but found that it was awkward to keep it updated for our MRR clients, and difficult for our break/fix clients to use (as well as requiring manual entry for our bookkeeper). ConnectBooster simplifies the setup and allows our clients to save their information for easy future payments. Since it hooks into CW and Quickbooks, it also keeps our books up to date and lets us know right away when clients have paid.

    Paul Sky Switzer, Kerkhoff Technologies Inc.
  • We have been using ConnectBooster since Aug, 2013. The setup was straight forward and we were able to get everything sync’d up between QB, CB and CW with minimal effort. Our clients have been updating their own Credit Card information and it has reduced the time involved in keeping client information up to date. ConnectBooster support has been great with correcting any issues and helping us with our processes to get things running smoot

    Keith Stark, Strata Information Technology, Inc.
  • We have been using the ConnectBooster payment portal for about 6 months. The product works as described, saves us time, and has improved our aging AR. We have about 35% participation in our client base so far. The client portal is simple and easy to use. We have also implemented the credit card scanner module that allows us to quickly process payment for clients that walk in to our office.

    We have experienced issues with the Intuit webconnector and have to monitor it regularly for successful synchronizations to ensure proper and timely posting of payments and invoices to the client portal.

    Technical support is very helpful and responsive in answering questions and resolving issues.

    Benita Benigni, Flagstaff IT
  • We have been using ConnectBooster’s integration for well over a year now.Considering the time it saves me, the monthly fee is competitively priced and well worth it.

    Prior to becoming a customer, I had to run a list of people who wanted their agreements taken care of and manually process each one with our merchant service. Then I also has to record the payment information into QuickBooks. Huge time suck.

    With ConnectBooster, not only can you setup auto payments for customers by agreement, but you can also set it up so your customers can access their account and review and pay their bills on their own. All this and it automatically synchronizes to QuickBooks. I highly recommend it as the way to go for managing your receivables.

    Michael Vincelette, Integrity Systems & Solutions, LLC
  • I have been using ConnectBooster for almost a year. We have lowered our processing costs and increased our collections. This product paid for itself within days! Don’t delay join ConnectBooster today!

    Scott Haselkorn, Haselkorn, Inc.

ConnectBooster is the real deal. If you give it a try you will not go back. Read any one of the many customer reviews and you will get an idea of how good a decision ConnectBooster is for you.

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