Kaseya Acquires ConnectBooster  
Frequently Asked Questions 

Why did Kaseya decide to acquire ConnectBooster?

Both Kaseya and ConnectBooster have customer-centric cultures that are focused on providing MSPs and other customers with solutions that truly address the pain points of the multi-function IT professional. ConnectBooster’s highly regarded brand, culture, incredible employees, not to mention the functionality and MSP acclaim of ConnectBooster’s service and support, made them a great fit for Kaseya.  

Why should the channel be excited about this?

ConnectBooster solves some of the most frustrating and universal challenges of MSPs: wasting time, money and effort on billing, collections and invoice reconciliation. As with other acquisitions, Kaseya is committed to investing in continued enhancement of ConnectBooster which will empower MSPs with efficiency and savings. Especially in a volatile economy, ConnectBooster is an integral tool to help MSPs automate cashflow and grow their businesses. Additionally, the Kaseya and ConnectBooster teams have worked diligently over several months to ensure ConnectBooster is technically and commercially integrated with Kaseya’s robust set of products and IT Complete platform. 

How will this acquisition impact the pricing of ConnectBooster for current and future customers?

As with all of Kaseya’s acquisitions, customers will see an increased investment in research and development supporting ConnectBooster and the number of resources dedicated to the company. Also in line with Kaseya’s other acquisitions, the company will strive to make the pricing for ConnectBooster as advantageous for customers as possible.  

What changes should ConnectBooster customers expect?

ConnectBooster customers should not experience any changes or disruption to the software. ConnectBooster will continue to be supported, improved and innovated, now with significantly more access to capital which will fuel R&D. 

Should ConnectBooster customers expect changes to product support or functionality?

No. ConnectBooster functionality and best-in-class service and support that customers expect will remain unchanged. If anything, it will improve based on Kaseya’s ability to invest in additional resources for development and support. 

How does this acquisition affect ConnectBooster’s existing integration options?

The Kaseya-ConnectBooster acquisition will not affect existing ConnectBooster integrations, including those with Kaseya’s competitors. 

Where will ConnectBooster be headquartered?

ConnectBooster is now part of Kaseya with a global headquarters located in Miami, FL. ConnectBooster’s office in Fargo, N.D., will continue to operate as a regional office. 

Who leads ConnectBooster under the new structure?

Fred Voccola is the CEO of Kaseya and will continue to lead the company. ConnectBooster’s leadership team will continue to lead day-to-day operations, with Brady Nash remaining in a leadership role. 

Will the ConnectBooster brand remain intact?

Yes. ConnectBooster will maintain its existing brand. 

Will any ConnectBooster integrations go away?

All integrations that exist in ConnectBooster will continue to be supported. Additionally, ConnectBooster will add more integrations including other PSA tools.