Quoter Integration with ConnectBooster

Quoter is a lightning fast, modern quoting platform for technology service providers.

  • Integrated, convenient payments solutions within the Quoter platform
  • Give clients easy access to pay their quotes with eCheck or Credit Card
  • Seamless authentication
  • Securely store your clients’ payment information

The Quoter Integration gives you the tools you need to succeed.

Now, you and your clients can access ConnectBooster’s billing and payments functionality through Quoter’s easy-to-use platform. By combining the power of ConnectBooster’s payment proficiency with Quoter’s seamless pricing and quoting automations, your clients have an even simpler way to pay.

Take advantage of Quoter’s lightning-fast quoting technology and sophisticated templates, and provide your clients with a streamlined, end-to-end payments experience that is both convenient and secure. Your clients have access to ConnectBooster’s PCI-Compliant vault through Quoter’s payments interface, so you can safely and seamlessly store ACH and credit card information from the very first quote.

Learn how CSG saved valuable time on their invoicing process

The faster we can handle our billing in the least amount of time is the most important thing for us and to make it easy on our clients. The billing and invoicing process are a representation of the trust that our clients have with us, without that trust, our business isn’t doing its job.

Scott Spiro

CEO, Computer Solutions Group, Inc.