Datagate Integration with ConnectBooster

Datagate is a SaaS telecom billing and tax solution designed for MSPs that integrates with ConnectWise Manage, QuickBooks and/or Xero.

  • Generate telecom invoices from Datagate and view/process them as PDFs inside ConnectBooster.
  • Your MSP can email Datagate Invoices and ConnectWise Invoices to customers at the same time through one convenient process.
  • ConnectWise clients can use Datagrate’s integration with ConnectBooster for a fully integrated payment collection system.
  • For ConnetBooster and ConnectWise users, Datagate provides a telecom-tax compliant, integrated telecom billing solution.

The Datagate Integration gives you the tools you need to succeed.

MSPs who sell telecommunications services in the United States have been searching for an easy-to-use telecom billing and tax solution.

With Datagate and ConnectBooster, you can now save time and eliminate data entry errors, provide better customer experience, and collect payments faster! Easily generate invoices and seamlessly integrate with ConnectWise Manage and ConnectBooster.

Learn how Charleston Telecom Solutions used ConnectBooster with Datagate to create a VoIP billing and payments machine.

The faster we can handle our billing in the least amount of time is the most important thing for us and to make it easy on our clients. The billing and invoicing process are a representation of the trust that our clients have with us, without that trust, our business isn’t doing its job.

Scott Spiro

CEO, Computer Solutions Group, Inc.