5 ConnectWise Mistakes Losing Money for your MSP Business

Mastering the basics of your PSA is step one. But to really maximize your MSP’s revenue, you need to avoid these five common pitfalls.

Platforms like the ConnectWise Manage PSA are designed to speed up your technology business. But just like a new sports car fresh off the production line, they require tuning in order to meet your unique needs. Fully committing to the implementation and tuning process helps managed service providers (MSPs) realize the greatest efficiency returns possible.

Tune your ConnectWise Manage business engine by avoiding these 5 mistakes:

  1. Failing to Connect Your Platforms

One of the biggest benefits of the ConnectWise PSA is its ability to tightly integrate with thousands of tools you might already be using today. When the time is invested to correctly set up and connect all systems, an entire managed services practice (MSP) can be run from a single platform, saving each employee 3+ hours per week in log-in time alone.  

One such powerful tool to integrate into your ConnectWise PSA is ConnectBooster. This powerful tool takes your ConnectWise Manage invoicing, agreements, and contracts capabilities to a whole new level of efficiency made possible by automation. With it, you can:

  • Accept credit cards & ACH payments
  • Auto pay recurring invoices 
  • Simplify PCI compliance processes

This is just the beginning. To learn more about this powerful ConnectWise Manage booster, click here.  

  1. Running an Old Version

Though you’re swift to keep your customers’ systems running the latest versions of software, your own platforms usually take a back seat. Running an outdated instance of ConnectWise Manage can really hold your business back. 

ConnectWise commits to regular updates in order to help customers trailblaze the MSP space with the freshest feature set. Help your company optimize efficiency by investing the time to make updates as they’re released. 

  1. Duplicating Efforts

Using ConnectWise Manage eliminates the need for many outside tools because it’s packed with all the account and ticket-management tools an MSP needs to run a successful practice. 

Unfortunately, it’s easy to get complacent and keep running tools that duplicate the services already available to you in the ConnectWise business suite. Conducting a technology toolset audit can help your company identify and remove services that mirror capabilities already built into your business platform.

  1. Forgetting to Train New Hires

Getting back to the sports car analogy, having a high-performance machine at your fingertips isn’t helpful unless you know how to use it. The same goes for your business engine. Commit to requiring new hires to go through a basic ConnectWise business suite training (available through ConnectWise University), and then have an in-house session that covers your company’s unique customizations. 

  1. Buying & Not Using New Features

It’s easy to get hyped up about neat new features that will save your practice time and money, but they can only do that if they’re installed. 

Countless MSPs learn about neat new features at IT Nation or through a User Group, sign up to become early adopters, but then fail to get them up and running. Being the first to ramp up powerful new features can be a competitive differentiator for your business. Keep that in mind when deciding how to allocate your team’s time.

Getting the Most Out of ConnectWise Manage

Running a fully optimized business suite is essential to creating a scalable business environment, one that could help jettison your company to the top of CRN’s MSP 500 list. This process of fine-tuning your business will include adding additional tools that augment existing efforts. To learn how ConnectBoost is helping MSPs running ConnectWise Manage invoice and pay faster than ever before, click here.


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