When you’re a Canadian business, using U.S based payment software doesn’t always work out in your favor.

Now use ConnectBooster in Canada

You run into issues when you try and use U.S payments software, since it often times requires you to have a U.S based merchant account. Now, ConnectBooster fully supports Canadian clients paying in Canadian Dollars. No confusion for your clients, and no conversion and accounting issues for you.

ConnectBooster is available for Canadian MSPs and IT firms to use directly with their clients, without opening a U.S merchant account. While still offering the same great service. Simplify your accounting for customers and reduce the amount of work your staff deals with when accepting payments. All transactions run through ConnectBooster are automatically reconciled in your accounting software, be it QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP, or Xero.

Ready to get started?

If you are a ConnectWise or Autotask user in Canada, and sell directly to Canadian customers, we eliminate that billing hassle by automating your accounting process.