My Cash Flow is Better With ConnectBooster

When you want to reinvest back into your business, you need to have a steady cash flow.

Money in your bank account, not tied up in accounts receivables, looks good on paper but it doesn’t help when it is time to write the checks.

Not to mention when that money isn’t in your bank account, you can’t spend money on the things that will help you grow your business like sales, marketing, payroll, etc.

We make your cash flow better.

ConnectBooster is designed to help your business maintain consistent cash flow, and help you manage aging invoices.

Our payment automation software lets clients pay you directly, at any time of the day. It also allows for the convenient choosing of payments preferences in ACH or credit card, and even handles recurring billing from agreements and contracts.

Unlike other autopay software, ConnectBooster creates a secure payment gateway, allowing clients to settle their bill with ease.

ConnectBooster allows for flexibility, so your clients can authorize payments for recurring agreements with an adjusted monthly rate, a percentage of the payment amount, and a ‘do not exceed this amount’ of payments.

If you want to increase your cash flow, it’s easier than you imagined. Manage your income with ease, and take the work out of getting paid.

Here’s what one partner has to say about increasing cash flow. Cris Schalleur, partner Christo IT Services had serious cash flow problems before ConnectBooster, now it’s a completely different process.

“Our invoicing prior to ConnectBooster was a nightmare. We would spend over eight hours per month manually processing invoices and credit card payments. Now it’s just minutes” -Chris Schalleur, Partner.

Christo IT Services also does not have to worry about whether or not they are being paid correctly every month. ConnectBooster gives Christo IT Services to have peace of mind that they are being paid correctly.

Published November 10, 2016

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