Transparency, Ease & Convenience of 24/7 Payment Portal

In a crowded, competitive market, it’s no secret MSPs must operate at peak efficiency and continually satisfy their customers. Of course, customers care about the value of your services, fair prices, timely responses and resolutions to their issues. This is the baseline. To stand out among your peers, the customer experience must be more than adequate. Every interaction has the potential to fall short of, or exceed customer expectations.

One of the most important but overlooked parts of the MSP/customer experience is how and when a customer pays you. This process is often confusing or even downright difficult for customers. Consider this:

If a customer has a question about their bill, how do they get answers? Do you offer convenient online access to view their billing and payment history, or are they required to contact you for clarification during your office hours?

How have you asked your customers to make payments? Do you offer multiple easy and secure ways to make a digital payment, or do you primarily accept checks in the mail or credit card information over the phone?

Making it difficult or inconvenient to pay a bill, or using outdated technology (hello, checks!) is frustrating for your customers. These oversights create barriers between your customers and their ability to easily and consistently give you money. They are the primary causes of late payments, which leads to other issues: poor cash flow, slower growth, and an urgency to go out and find more revenue in all the wrong places.

Is this the payment experience you want your customers to have, or your business to suffer through?

There’s a better way—a payment technology solution specifically designed for MSPs that’s efficient, convenient and transparent, and makes your customers happier.

ConnectBooster transforms your outdated payment process and makes it convenient for your customers to pay on time. Its white-label portal, branded to your MSP, enhances your professional image while giving your customers a more sophisticated and immediate way to pay their bill no matter when your business is open.

Your customers will appreciate 24/7 access to your payment portal through ConnectBooster where they can manage their own payment preferences, add, change and securely storing payment methods, schedule and manage monthly autopay, and view their entire itemized invoices and payments history. This is the level of ease and transparency your customers expect from a technology solutions provider.

Offering your customers a 24/7 payment portal and transparent online view of their invoices and payment history has several benefits. For starters, they won’t be able to make excuses regarding “missed” invoices. You’ll even be able to see when they opened an invoice. This on-demand portal brings transparency, security and convenience to your payment process.

ConnectBooster’s secure payment portal also automates dunning and eliminates awkward collections calls which means your conversations will remain focused on what matters: your services.

Best of all, the easier it is for your clients to pay you, the more likely it is that they’ll pay their bills on time.

The complete customer experience is more important than ever. Schedule a demo to see how ConnectBooster can increase your customers’ satisfaction and help you get paid on time.

We consider it [ConnectBooster] to be a “must have” for any partner who accepts credit cards. We completely underestimated how much our customers would appreciate the convenience.” – Michael Creed, Mega-Byte Computer Services, LLC


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See ConnectBooster In Action

See all the ways your business can start saving time and money every single time you collect a client’s payment.