Strengthen Your Voice In Payment Processing

MSPs have to be one of the most transformational businesses in existence. Between the rapidly changing technologies and the continually evolving needs of the organizations you support, fast adaption is a must-have skill for the owners of IT services firms.

Unfortunately, things can get lost as the company adjusts to the latest and greatest new offering or methodology, and the business’ identity or messaging is often at the top of that list.

Differentiation is critical for MSPs. Since most IT service providers focus on their local markets, limiting the number of potential clients, they must stand out from the competition. MSPs need to address the issues those businesses face and deliver unique messaging that will distinguish their firm and its portfolio from less focused rivals.

Confidence in your products and services goes a long way with corporate decision-makers who may be looking to invest thousands of dollars each month with your company. Payment processing expertise is one of those differentiators that can pique the interest of many prospects.

Opportunities may be right under your nose

With cash and checks losing favor with the younger generation and many older customers (for several reasons), business leaders need help adopting and managing alternative options. Some of your clients may be struggling to find the right payment processing options and not know where to go for answers.

While MSPs may assume the businesses they support would come to them for support, the connection between technology and credit/ banking activities may not be as clear to the decision-makers. A little education and awareness can rectify that problem.

Other clients may already be working with a payment processing company. That doesn’t mean those businesses are happy with their current support or utilizing current systems that meet PCI and other compliance requirements. Those situations present prime opportunities for MSPs, especially those with the right industry partnerships. Aligning yourself with a vendor with a long and successful history in payment processing (like ConnectBooster) will help ensure your success in this area.

Shout it from the rooftops

Every current and prospective client should know about the various solutions your firm offers – a message that you should deliver as often as possible. With a shift towards electronic transaction systems, highlighting your expertise or ability to provide support through business partners is essential.

Payment processing can be an easy sale. Businesses that accept payments understand that these technologies are necessary, but very few can implement or support these systems. MSPs can be the go-to provider for these services with the right mix of solutions and a consistent message. Embrace the opportunity with promotion and education. Here are a few ways to make that happen:

Get the word out

A comprehensive campaign using email messages, newsletters, Google Ads, social media promotions, and event sponsorships will help drive demand for payment processing services. What’s the best way to get the attention of your primary audience? Utilize stories about current clients benefiting from these solutions and services to increase comprehension and build trust with prospects. Sharing statistics and related news articles can also help MSPs create interest in these solutions.

Craft an effective message

What is your specific offering and how can it improve your clients’ operations and customer experience? What are some of their pain points with collections and payment processing? Understanding your target market’s needs, especially around their financial and compliance requirements, is essential for crafting effective messaging. Promotions should be designed based on prospects’ level of comprehension on the topic (keep it simple) and speak to a variety of decision-makers, from the management team and accountant to those on the front lines of the payment process. Provide the facts and key points needed to sway their minds (and hearts).

Consistency is key

One-and-done conversations don’t exist in the sales/marketing world. Make an impression by regularly conveying details of your expertise and the solutions that improve their operations and financial condition. Tell them about the various benefits of different communication forms, from savings on processing fees and enhanced productivity to higher customer satisfaction. Conveying those messages continuously will strengthen your voice as a payment processing expert.

The perfect payment partnership

Can you confidently project that value proposition to your current and prospective clients? Boost your expertise, services options, and confidence by partnering with ConnectBooster.

Our team will provide the solutions and guidance needed to excel in this thriving field. With years of experience enabling MSPs, we understand what you do and how you support businesses and help your team take advantage of all the latest opportunities with payment processing.


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