QuickBooks Intuit Payments: Why There’s a Better Option

This past May, Quickbooks discontinued their PaymentNetwork. As a part of this, they asked their users to create new accounts with Intuit Payments and switch over to their new platform.

In our research and conversation, we’ve found QuickBooks users to be less than thrilled with the change. And in the IT channel, we’ve found complaints on various forums.

Our sales team is hearing it too. They’re hearing things like “Intuit Payment Network shutdown and I need to find an alternative.”

Why are there so many complaints about Intuit’s payment solution, and what can you do about it?

What we’ve found is this issue stems from two majors problems. Let’s explore the two flaws.

Software problems.

At the present time, Intuit has difficulty with the software randomly shutting down mid-session.

This problem persists even if you update to QuickBooks 2016.

For this reason, many users are frustrated since you need to enter invoices manually.

This is a massive hurdle for your accounting staff. Imagine being almost finished with reconciling invoices and suddenly losing all of your progress.

Support problems.

In addition to random crashes, Intuit Payment Network has serious support problems and is slow to address them.

They either do not have helpful answers for solving payroll and invoice problems, or are difficult to get a hold of.

A lot of the forums mention QuickBooks only responds to service calls on weekdays. As a small business, if you’re an owner and also acting as an accountant, you’re most likely trying to catch up on administrative finances on weeknights and weekends.

Another complaint comes from withholding funds. There are several complaints of merchants finding if they run a large transaction, QuickBooks can hold your funds for up to 180 days!

There’s a better solution.

For example, our software handles two very important parts of your overall payments process.

First, we work with your PSA like ConnectWise and Autotask, to simplify your company’s accounting and reduce the workload. We execute this by auto-reconciling all your transactions. You’ll never have to reconcile or wonder which payment gets applied to which invoice, ever again.

Second, our solution not only automates the reconciling process through our SaaS, but the actual processing of credit card and ACH payments is a part of our solution.

We run and manage our very own payments gateway, so you’re not using another 3rd party solution. It’s all one solution.

  • We save you time by automating your billing through ConnectWise and Autotask.
  • We save you time and money through the ability to process payments in our own gateway.
  • We save you the minor annoyances of never again having to reconcile accounting transactions.

Want to fully integrate your PSA with your accounting and billing?

Interesting in switching to a better solution?

Click here to see a demo of how our software integrates with QuickBooks and QuickBooks online.


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