Time is money. No matter how frequently that topic comes up, it may never be enough to highlight the value of automation to those who own a managed services business ̶ as well as their customers. Unfortunately, many MSPs openly admit they are not taking advantage of all the power their tools possess due to time and resource constraints and, as a result, limit their growth and cash flow.

With competition on the rise and margins under increasing pressure, channel professionals must put more focus on efficiency. Automation and integrations are an extremely important part of that conversation. Providers rely heavily on tools that gather and distribute data relating to their clients’ networks, devices, and applications.

The faster that information can be collected and shared, the quicker the decision-making process can begin ̶ no matter if people or machines oversee that final step. The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is blurring the lines in that area and will continue to reduce the pressures placed on managers and other employees.

The value of today’s MSP integrations

The best news for MSPs? Scores of automation options are already available for their use. With a host of integrations and APIs at their disposal, MSPs can create large-scale platforms that remove a significant amount of their labor costs as well as their headaches.

Want to scale your business quickly? The best first step is to eliminate every unnecessary manual process in the organization. Successful MSPs focus on the labor-sapping parts of their business first, including the creation and closing of trouble tickets. That’s just one reason why PSA and RMM integrations are invaluable.

Routing tech resources to the proper locations so they can quickly resolve issues and keep customers productive and happy. Integrations ensure the right team members receive the trouble ticket, have the information they need, and helps with time tracking and resource utilization.

When they have no alerts or performance issues showing on their central management portal, MSPs can focus on the activities that generate more recurring revenue. They can also rest easy knowing their systems will notify the appropriate team members when something needs their attention.

The value of integrations doesn’t stop at PSAs and RMMs. Backup and disaster recovery and cybersecurity solutions are crucial to business continuity, which is why linking them into MSPs’ management portals to monitor performance and speed notifications has essentially become an industry standard. Failure is not an option. Integrations help providers keep on top of security issues so they can rest a little easier each night.

Beyond the front lines

Of course, automation brings MSPs more than just piece of mind. When properly configured and fully implemented, system integrations return an almost instantaneous ROI by reducing labor costs, eliminating billing delays, and improving the efficiency across the company’s operations.

These platform expansions can also improve customer experience and boost retention rates. Integrations speed up (or eliminate the need for) communications between MSPs and end users when issues arise, reducing the time between initial notifications and problem resolution.

Those same benefits apply to back-office operations. MSPs who integrate their invoicing, collections, and accounting systems not only get paid faster, but they typically save a lot of time and effort in the process. What used to take hours can take minutes, and the associated payroll costs drop exponentially.

For example, ConnectWise, QuoteWerks, QuickBooks, and ConnectBooster offer a variety of options for MSP businesses. Each has its own attributes and serves a unique function in a managed services firm’s daily operations. That power grows when MSPs integrate the collection into a one synchronized management platform.

For example, the ConnectBooster integration with QuoteWerks assures that accepted quotes and payments are pulled into the secure payment gateway vault and properly saved. All transactions run through ConnectBooster will be automatically reconciled in QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online, as will invoices between ConnectWise and Autotask and other accounting software. The integrated systems do the work for MSPs.

It’s all about the data. Each system collects and processes information to accomplish its mission and can share relevant details through its integration points. Connecting complementary solutions creates a “single pane of glass” for MSPs. Integration breaks down the silos of information that can stifle the growth of a managed services business.

These connections help MSPs leverage data more effectively. Centralized reporting and management tools give providers greater control over internal as well as client operations, as well as more insight into their managed services ecosystem.

That’s the value of MSP automation. Check out the drop-down options on the ConnectBooster website to learn more about our automation and integrations options.