Intuit QuickBooks Payments versus ConnectBooster: Why switch?

I use Intuit QuickBooks Payments to handle my invoice payments and it works fine, why should I switch to ConnectBooster?

With the abundance of QuickBooks users in the MSP channel, we often hear this question. The answer is simple: just because something works doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way. For example, I can wash dishes by hand, but it’s much more convenient and less labor intensive to put them in the dishwasher, set it and forget it. I could water my garden by filling and carrying buckets of water, pouring them on each plant, then make several more trips back and forth. Or, I could set up an automatic sprinkler to water my garden while I sleep.

When it comes to Intuit QuickBooks Payments versus ConnectBooster, the concept is similar; there is a way that works and there’s a better, simpler way.

This post identifies some of the reasons why ConnectBooster is a better solution than Intuit QuickBooks Payments for your invoice payment collections.


ConnectBooster support is world class. You don’t have to take our word for it; search the internet (seriously, Google us!). Our support speaks for itself. Check out these reviews found on QuickBooks own app page:

Reviews for QuickBooks Payments and support sound more like this, as found on Consumer Affairs:

The ConnectBooster support team is entirely based in Fargo, N.D. We pride ourselves on customer service and believe it’s the primary reason for our success. When you have a problem, you want to know there’s a team who’s got your back—that’s ConnectBooster Support. When it comes to cashflow, can you afford to not have good support?

Software Features

All software has limitations. We know this, and strive to provide our clients with the features they need at the best possible value. We will never claim ConnectBooster is perfect, or say it has every feature you could imagine. We do, however, try to make ConnectBooster as feature-rich as possible with ongoing enhancements and integrations. In our humble opinion, our feature-set far exceeds our competition:

Do you need more reasons to switch from Intuit to ConnectBooster? Here are more ways we excel:

Customizable, Customer-facing Portal

When your customers log in to your ConnectBooster portal, they see your business with your branding and logo. The ConnectBooster portal also includes an Ad Card to help you inform your clients about additional services, new products or specials you’re offering, so your invoices can now help drive interest and sales for your other services!

Flexible Automatic Payment Options for Variable Billings

Do you have clients who prefer invoices be automatically paid when below a certain dollar amount? Do you have clients who want to make partial payments on an invoice or pay multiple invoices together in one payment? Would any of your clients like to set-up custom payment plans? I would guess you answer yes to one or more of these questions. No two clients are the same, and with ConnectBooster, you can customize how you work with your clients to fit their individual businesses, which translates to happier clients and on-time payments.

Future Proof

You know business constantly changes and evolves. In your business, are the solutions you started with the best long-term solutions? Typically, no. As businesses grow and transform, they tend to find solutions that help them “get by.”

If you’re reading this, odds are you currently use QuickBooks. Are you confident QuickBooks is the solution your business will utilize forever, or as your business grows and changes is there a chance there’s a better solution, such as Business Central, Xero, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Sage Intacct or others?

Intuit’s QuickBooks Payments works for your business only if you use QuickBooks, but if you change systems, you also need to change your payment provider if you want an integrated solution, which means starting from scratch with customer payment data. However, with ConnectBooster, as your business needs evolve you can make necessary changes without changing how you accept payments. Switching accounting systems no longer means starting over with collecting client payment data, and no need to re-train your clients on how to pay you.

With You for the Long-haul

If you’re unfamiliar with ConnectBooster, you may wonder if ConnectBooster is a new startup or if we’ll even be around next year. ConnectBooster has been helping our clients solve invoice collection challenges for more than a decade.

ConnectBooster was born from a need to solve a problem for its parent company BNG Holdings. Originally, BNG built ConnectBooster for itself because they were unable to find a solution that had the features and flexibility needed to fit its ever-changing business landscape. ConnectBooster has grown and evolved and now services thousands of clients all over North America. ConnectBooster is committed to improving our features and integrations to further outpace the competition.

If you want to simplify invoice payment collection, and improve your client’s satisfaction with your billing process, all while growing your business with a payments solution that can grow with you, then ConnectBooster is the solution for you!

ConnectBooster is a scalable solution that fixes your cash flow. We’re trusted by thousands of service providers to get paid on time, every time, all while saving time. Schedule a demo to see ConnectBooster in action or contact us.


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