Getting Paid on Quotes just got more affordable, easier and better with ACH

QuoteWerks just released their new and improved integration to the BNG Gateway. For those of you who are unfamiliar, the BNG Gateway is the secure payment handling service that underpins all payments run through ConnectBooster.

Many of you already use QuoteWerks or other popular quoting tools and are probably wondering why this is such a big deal since the top quoting tools have had integrations to ConnectBooster and BNG Payments for years. We will explain detail below, however it all comes down to two major advances, ACH and Saved Payment Methods.

ACH payments in QuoteValet

When you present a quote to a client in QuoteValet, after they approve the quote they are able to pay for the quote directly in QuoteValet. In the past this was limited to just credit or debit card payments. With the new integration, ACH payments are now an option.

The game changer here is that ACH processing is a fraction of the cost of credit card processing.

This opens up instant payment on quotes to companies that saw it hard to pay credit card processing fees on quotes for products or services with razor thin margins.

What is a Saved Payment Method?

When you go to a major e-commerce website to buy a product you are given the option to save your credit card for future purchases, this is a saved payment method. Now imagine that same concept, but in your quoting software.

With this new integration you are given the option of using BNG’s secure and PCI Compliant Customer Vault to store credit card and ACH profiles for your clients, the same industry leading technology used by ConnectBooster to store payment data for auto pay on invoices.

When you client approves a quote and fills in their payment details they are prompted with an option to save it for future use. The next time you present a quote to them they can select any of their previously saved payment methods, no need to fill in the same info over and over again.

The easier you make it for someone to pay you for something they already agreed to, the faster you get paid and the less friction your client feels.

We are focused on improving your cash flow

If you have been a ConnectBooster partner for any length of time, you have probably felt our passion to get all payments into your business as easily as possible. This integration with QuoteWerks is a big step towards this goal.

We know that all businesses have many avenues of incoming cash flow from payments on quotes, invoices, service agreements and in person. The more we work to centralize the systems and get all the tools involved to talk together the better it is for you. It becomes a more consistent, fast and secure experience for your clients.

How do I get ACH and Saved Payment Methods in QuoteWerks?

If you are like many and already have ACH for ConnectBooster and also have QuoteWerks, all you need to do is follow a couple steps to configure the new features in QuoteValet. You can request instructions by emailing [email protected]

If you would like to get pricing and more info about ACH processing request that here.


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