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Four Things CharTec Taught Me: How CharTec Will Help Your MSP

Jul 31, 2014

Are you the owner or partner of an MSP who is looking to grow your IT Company?

Does your MSP struggle with marketing, operations or human resource issues?

If so, consider working with CharTec. Here is why.

Managed Service Providers need someone in their corner who get it

Managed service providers are in a competitive industry. There is tons of competition, much to do and even more to understand.

From Haas to Saas, project-based IT work, managing seats and licenses, all this needs constant learning.

IT companies need to be advised and taught by someone who gets it.

CharTec has decades of experience in all of the above. The CharTec team understands how to grow your MSP through sales, manage your workforce, build operations plans and market your MSP.

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MSPs need someone to guide them that is passionate

We had the pleasure of seeing Alex Rogers speak. Alex is the founder and CEO of CharTec.

We’ve seen him before via YouTube and could instantly see this guy was passionate.

Alex is passionate about business. Alex is passionate about sales. Alex is passionate about helping managed service providers.

Running an IT firm can be lonely at times. As a CEO or partner, the daily grind of growing your MSP can be draining.

When a small to medium-sized business owner gets in a drained-funk, you need a pick-me-up. Your MSP needs a shot of passion and inspiration from a colleague who is in the trenches with you.

CharTec is in the trenches with you. CharTec can provide that passion and inspiration.

As an MSP, you need that passion. Seek it from someone who has walked in your IT shoes, like the team at CharTec.

MSPs need help honing their business skill-sets

Let’s face it; you are not good at everything.

You do not possess every skill set to grow your IT business. No one does. We have limits.

Where does your MSP go to hone your skill sets?

Marketing, education on ticket management and hiring sales guys are all skillsets you need to know to succeed in your IT Company.

How about integration knowledge with ConnectWise or Autotask? Or developing product sheets for sales purposes?

Or collecting payment for invoices and past due receivables?

To use a biblical metaphor, CharTec will help your MSP master these skill-sets by giving you the fish or by teaching you to fish.

CharTec will help you hone these skill-sets.

IT companies need to be challenged

As business professionals, we can get blinders on.

Wouldn’t you agree?

And when the blinders are on, those blinders can be a hindrance to your IT business.

The only way to see outside of those blinders is to have someone remove them. Removing them may hurt a bit, but it is completely necessary.

It is good to get an outside perspective on your managed service business, to help you see things that you normally would not see.

You need to be challenged by someone who has had those “blinders” on. You need to be challenged by someone who has made mistakes and learned from those mistakes.

As an MSP, it is good to be challenged, all in love, by a partner that cares about your IT Company.

I saw that caring and challenging culture at CharTec. They care. They challenge the norm and status quo.

The people at CharTec are always available to talk, guide and be a shoulder to cry on. They will also challenge you. Don’t be nervous, take the plung.

Do not be nervous, take the plunge

If I’m in your MSP shoes, I would at very least have a conversation with CharTec. (no, they did not slip us a $100 bill to write this)

If I’m in your shoes, as an MSP, I know that running and operating my company is hard work. A conversation with CharTec needs to happen, to learn how to win inside of your IT Company.

Contact CharTec today to get guidance on how to grow your MSP using CharTec’s tribal wisdom. Click here to learn more.

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