Does ConnectBooster Integrate into ConnectWise? Is Superman the Man of Steel?

Here at ConnectBooster, we have a nickname for those individuals who point out the obvious.

That nickname is Captain Obvious.

And the term Captain Obvious was first coined on the bigscreen, back in 2000, in the movie ‘Dude, Where’s My Car.’ Check it out here.

So, what does that have to do with ConnectWise and ConnectBooster?

Stick with us and read below.

Does ConnectWise integrate with ConnectBooster?

The simple answer is yes.

ConnectWise was the first CRM for managed service providers that ConnectBooster integrated into over a year ago.

And ConnectBooster’s partnership with ConnectWise is going well.

How does ConnectWise integrate into ConnectBooster and why should my MSP care?

Here are a couple of reasons your IT company should care and how ConnectBooster integrates.

Reason one: payment processing solutions like Intuit and PaySimple do not solve the underlying problem of lack of efficiency.

They are not truly automated or integrated into ConnectWise.

These payment processing software solutions may offer recurring payment options but this only works if the managed service contract amount stays the same.

How many agreements does your MSP have which stay the same, all the time?

For example, if you are using Intuit or PaySimple to run credit cards, it is not saving you time, as it is not automated.

Intuit and other payment processing solutions basically replicate the payment invoice template for managed service contracts, for the purpose of recurring payments.

But as an MSP, you still need to trigger this activity, monthly, to collect payment as well as change the payment amount for variable agreements, inside of PaySimple and Intuit.

When using Intuit or PaySimple, there is still work you have to do, as an MSP to get paid on time.

We are not okay with you having to do extra, wasted work.

Set it and forget it.

Reason two: ConnectBooster is 100% automated and will save you time.

We know what you are thinking. Every payments processing software says that.

Let us explain.

Your IT customer inputs their ACH or credit card data into the ConnectBooster portal one time.

Then, each month a recurring payment is collected. This recurring amount is driven from the managed service contract amount, which comes from ConnectWise, even if the contract is a variable amount.

It is that simple. And this is the ConnectWise and QuickBooks integration that our customers are raving about.

This is why your MSP should care.

What other managed service providers are saying about the ConnectWise and ConnectBooster integration.

The integration between QuickBooks, ConnectWise and ConnectBooster is so good, we thought you should know what others are saying about the process.

Chris Schalleur, partner at Christo IT Services said this.

“Our invoicing prior to ConnectBooster was a nightmare. We would spend over eight hours per month manually processing credit card payments and invoices. The ConnectWise integration was a big win for us.”

Joy Beland, partner at LA IT Girl, had this to say.

“The process before ConnectBooster, was a very manual one. We would have to process each credit card transaction then go into Quickbooks to process each transaction. With ConnectBooster, we were able to cut our payments processing time from half of a work day, to minutes.”

When we surveyed our ConnectBooster customers, the number one question we received was “Does ConnectBooster integrate into ConnectWise and QuickBooks?”

Is Superman the man of steel? Of course he is.

Do not become Captain Obvious. Educate and inform your IT business.

Take the next step with us.

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