Autotask’s Integration With ConnectBooster

Are you an IT company that uses Autotask as your PSA?

Ever wonder how your managed service business can integrate your PSA into your accounts receivable process to get paid faster and on time?

Here are three of the most common questions and answers about Autotask integration into ConnectBooster and how it will save you time and get rid of headaches.

Can my MSP eliminate the multiple steps in our collections process to save us time and hassle?

The short answer is yes, but keep reading.

If your MSP uses Autotask, today, your invoicing process probably looks a bit like this.

  1. When you sell a managed service project, you set the contract into Autotask.
  2. You then establish the managed services contract amount for your IT customer.
  3. Then, you set the amount inside of QuickBooks or Great Plains accounting package.
  4. Next, you set up the customer’s contact info inside of Intuit or Paysimple.
  5. When the billing time of month happens, your MSP logs into Paysimple or Intuit to send out payment notifications, with embedded link inside of email notifications.
  6. Your MSP waits for payments.
  7. Finally, once paid, you reconcile your payments inside of QuickBooks or Great Plains accounting.
  8. Rinse and repeat.

That is a lot of steps just to get paid. Don’t you think?

Autotask’s integration into ConnectBooster eliminates most of these steps, as payments are automatically driven from your recurring contracts inside of Autotask and then reconciled in your accounting software.

Once your managed service customer sets their payment data into ConnectBooster, the intelligence of the software does the rest by billing and depositing the money owed to your IT company, for recurring contracts.

My MSP has to reconcile all transactions in QuickBooks, after we collect payment every month. Can we eliminate this painful process?

The short answer is yes, but do not stop reading.

Recurring payments and accounting transaction reconciliation are not the same when talking about Autotask and ConnectBooster.

Let us explain.

Typically, an MSP uses their PSA for lots of IT-type tasks. But the PSA tool does not get your IT business paid or reconcile invoices.

And your PSA is not supposed to.

Your PSA does, however, talk to Paysimple, Intuit and to send payment notifications.

That’s it. Just notifications. No actual payments deposited into your bank account.

The big differentiator is the true automation in which each financial transaction inside of QuickBooks is reconciled to each invoice number and amount, coming from generated contracts inside of Autotask.

The process makes it very easy for MSP customers to pay their invoices, have recurring payments deposited monthly, and never worrying about reconciling invoices.

Is that the kind of painful process elimination you were looking for?

My managed service business gets it. You simplify our payments process, save us time and eliminate A/R headaches, but can you save us money?


Every time your IT company processes a payment transaction, there is a fee. The fee is a percentage of each credit card or ACH transaction.

Most PSA’s will refer their IT customers to to take payments, not knowing the fee’s, the deliverables, etc.

Autotask’s integration into ConnectBooster comes with a payment processing expectation to cut your per-transaction costs.

Do not take our word for it.

Get a ConnectBooster demo to see the integration in action.


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See all the ways your business can start saving time and money every single time you collect a client’s payment.