Do Not Be The MSP That Loses Your Customer’s Data By Not Being PCI Compliant

Do you store your MSP customer’s payment data in a file cabinet?

If yes, or even if you store your IT customers’ info on a super-secure cloud server, the security still is not good enough.

Here is what we know: many small, medium and large retailers are starting lose the battle of keeping their shoppers payment information secure.

Target Corp,, Domino’s Pizza, and Sony have all suffered from hackers and data breaches over the past few years. That does not build consumers’ confidence.

It will be very hard for these companies to get some of those customers back and they will definitely be negatively impacted by their historic lack of security.

As an MSP, wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about being PCI compliant?

Being 100% secure in terms of your customer’s payment data sounds like a pipe-dream, doesn’t it?

As an IT company, how can you take credit cards or set-up ACH using Intuit or Paysimple, without taking sensitive and private customer payment information?

How does my MSP get paid on time, every time through credit cards or ACH without touching any private accounting data?

If your MSP thinks getting paid on time, while not being responsible for your customer’s financial data is a pipe-dream, you are dead wrong.

Take Stratus IT Group, for example.

They are happy ConnectBooster customers, who previously really wrestled with storing their customer’s credit card information.

Check out their FREE case study here.

Stratus IT Group partner, Kathryn Linford says “holding our customer’s credit card data was a pain for Stratus IT Group and we did not want to be responsible. ConnectBooster eliminates that as you store our customer’s credit card info securely and we never even see it.”

Kathryn goes on to say “We are our customer’s IT provider. If I can’t keep our customer’s information secure, how can our customer’s trust us to help make them secure?”

Well said, Kathryn. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Do you want to become like Target Corp, Domino’s or Sony?

Does your MSP want to be known for storing your managed service customer’s credit card information unsecurely?

Or do you want your MSPs’ legacy to be rooted in doing good and being an expert at managing seats/licenses?

I hope the latter is your goal. It’s certainly ours.

All we want to do is help your MSP

Let us do just that.

Sign up for a no-obligation demo here and learn more about how secure our payment portal is, so you can have plausible deniability. (lawyer speak for not being responsible for something that does not happen)


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