What ConnectWise Users Are Saying About ConnectBooster’s Integration Results

Are you a managed service provider that uses ConnectWise?

As an MSP, do you use PaySimple, Intuit or other payment processing solutions to run credit cards for your managed service contracts?

If you answered yes, you need to keep reading.

“It felt like the heavens opened up and sang to us.”

Yes, we have customers who really say things like “the heavens opened up and sang to us.”

Read here if you do not believe us. 

Recently, the ConnectBooster marketing team interviewed some of our customers who are also ConnectWise users.

Here is what our customers told us about the ConnectWise integration results.

Their biggest issues prior to ConnectBooster and how we resolved them.

There were three issues the ConnectWise and ConnectBooster integration solved for Network Depot and other MSP customers.

  • The first frustration that we solved was in the accounts receivable payment storage process. ConnectWise and QuickBooks offer no real secure way to store customer financial data, like ACH or credit card information.
  • The second frustration for Network Depot, and other managed service providers, was dealing with the changes to credit cards, then re-processing these credit card payments. The manual payment process took Network Depot, and other IT customers of ours, at least 2-3 days every month. That’s not including time spent unraveling credit card exceptions.
  • The third frustration was centered around actually getting paid. While ConnectWise and QuickBooks do a nice job of sending out managed service invoices to Network Depot’s customers’, actually collecting payment was a real issue that ConnectWise and Quick Books did not solve.
  • ConnectBooster solved these issues by offering a secure way to store payment data, provided the automation necessary to avoid exceptions to credit card changes and not only sends out billing, but collects payment at the same time.

Does your managed service business dread the billing time of month, like Anthony?

If you do, you are not alone.

Watch how Anthony solved his accounts receivable issues here.

But if you are a ConnectWise user, as well as use PaySimple or Intuit as payment processing solutions AND QuickBooks as your accounting software, you need to talk with someone at ConnectBooster.


We will cure your billing headaches and make your payment processing lives easier, with our ConnectWise integration.

Stop using 2 and 3 different software solutions just to get paid.

The hassle of dealing with 2-3 types of payment software can be completely eliminated by integrating into ConnectBooster.

Your MSP does not need to dread this time of month.

What are other managed service providers are saying about ConnectWise and ConnectBooster.

You know what Network Depot is saying about ConnectWise and ConnectBooster, now hear what others are saying.

Kathryn Linford is the partner of Stratus IT Group. Stratus IT Group is an IT company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Kathryn had this to say about ConnectBooster.

“Typically, paying bills was low on the priority scale for some of our customers. Once we implemented ConnectBooster, we were able to collect sooner. To not have to worry about billing and revenue helps immensely.”

Terra Wertz is a partner of PC Works Plus, an MSP located in Bellwood, Pennsylvania.

Terra said the following regarding the ease of use for her managed service customers using ConnectBooster.

“For PC Works Plus, it’s the convenience for our customers using ConnectBooster. When it’s easy for our customers to pay us, they will pay faster.”

Lastly, Lee Morgan, owner of ServiCorps, said this about ConnectBooster.

“The biggest win for ServiCorps is having an integrated payment solution that isn’t two different companies. We had two companies before, that didn’t integrate into ConnectWise or QuickBooks. The big win for ServiCorps came from being able to automate and integrate into ConnectWise and QuickBooks.”

Stop waiting around.

Sign up for a free demo to learn more about how ConnectWise and ConnectBooster’s integration will help your MSP save headache and hassle.

We guarantee it will be the best 60 minutes you have ever spent.


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