How Your IT Firm Can Avoid ACH Hassles Through Integrations with ConnectBooster and Your PSA

Who doesn’t love choices? The power to choose between multiple payment options is a great service you can offer your IT clients.

We recently surveyed our customers and asked them what benefits they needed in a payment solution for their IT firms.

You and your peers answered by telling us that you need a payment solution that had the ability to offer multiple and flexible payment methods (including ACH).

As a result, taking payments through ACH is a huge win for your IT firm and clients. However, it usually adds an additional step into your workday, and additional hassle not worth the effort.

Accepting ACH payments is not that hard.

Adding ACH as a payment option for your clients is not as difficult as it seems. If you have the right integration tool with your PSA, it’s a breeze.

Because ACH payments with ConnectBooster allows for flexibility, your clients can authorize payments for recurring agreements with a adjusted monthly rate, a percentage of payment amount, and a ‘Do Not Exceed’ this amount of payments.

Flexibility and scaling are important.

PCI Compliance is critical.

Finally, another example of how easy ACH can make your life easier is by being PCI compliant. With ConnectBooster your customers log in into a secure, PCI compliant portal. Consequently, while in the customer portal, they simply enter their payment information, and this data is then saved or entered on a one-off, single invoice basis.

The beauty of this PCI compliant portal is the protection it gives both you and your clients. It also tracks IP addresses, in the case of fraud, when someone else logs in.

An added benefit to you is the ability to use our parent company, BNG Payments., for the actual payments gateway. This gateway moves money directly into your bank account by the payment processor.

Say the word.

ConnectBooster offers immediate relief. Let us help you take control of your finances and streamline all your payment options. Learn more about ConnectBooster by checking out our demo videos.

Published July 13, 2016

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