Automated Dunning Notices Free MSPs From their Least Favorite Chore

If you’re like most MSPs, simply sending your customer their monthly invoice for your services rendered and calling it a day isn’t enough to get paid what you’re owed. Most customers need payment reminders. And when accounts become inevitably overdue, so begins the dreaded dunning notices.

Most assuredly, you send invoices to your customers on time, and then spend after-hours and weekends sending dunning notices when you’d rather take much needed time away with your family and friends. You probably even make awkward collections calls and send follow-up emails, always careful to toe the line between good customer service and asking for what’s owed. You feel exhausted from continuously working in the business rather than growing the business and stressed about your complete lack of control over when customers will finally pay.

It doesn’t take long before you hear every excuse:

“I didn’t get an invoice.”
“I lost the invoice.”
“Payment is tied up in the billing department.”
“The check’s on the way!”
(but it isn’t)

All the while, your MSP’s outstanding A/R continues to creep up. In the best-case scenario, situations like this keep MSPs trapped in their own status quo and unable to afford additional tools, resources or staff to scale. In the worst cases, owners anxiously choose between making payroll and missing a mortgage payment, simply because they aren’t getting paid what they’re owed for services that have already been delivered.

No one enjoys requesting overdue payment. As a result, these calls and emails are often pushed to the bottom of the list. Some MSPs intentionally shy away from sending payment reminders out of fear of aggravating customers and losing business. The reality is when payments become overdue, manual intervention is required. Fortunately, there is an easier way.

With ConnectBooster, you can configure dunning notifications to automatically send if a customer is behind on payments. These can be specified to send according to any timeframe. For example, set ConnectBooster to send payment reminders at 15 days and again at 30, then dunning notices can be triggered at 30, 40 and 50+ days past due. With a few clicks, you can even exclude specific, special customers that you do not want to receive notifications. Dunning is highly sensitive; with ConnectBooster you configure the timing and craft a friendly and polite message, and the software handles the automation.

Each automated notice from ConnectBooster includes a “Pay Now” option that links to a secure payment vault, so it’s easier than ever for your customers to make payments around the clock. Best yet, when owners and bookkeepers are relieved from keeping an eye on payment deadlines and spending time and mental energy continually asking for payment, time is freed up to take care of other more pressing tasks in daily business.

ConnectBooster was the best business choice we’ve made in years. It completely changed our receivables. We no longer spend time tracking down people for their late payments. It saves so much time doing our least favorite job of calling people that owe us money. We can spend our time doing other more productive work. Highly recommended.” – Howie Brounstein

Aren’t you sick of chasing down payments? With ConnectBooster, you can finally stop doing your least favorite chore once and for all, and instead use your time to grow your bottom line.

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See all the ways your business can start saving time and money every single time you collect a client’s payment.