The Advantages Of The ConnectBooster To QuoteWerks Integration

Imagine if your MSP’s quoting tools could automatically share information with your payment systems. Eliminating people from that data “relay” process can speed up billing and reduce the number of human errors that can lead to frustration for you, your team members, and your clients. Automation is the key to success.

The more MSP business tools you can integrate into your service operations, the less “hands” your team will need to accomplish their work. That philosophy is particularly valid when it comes to quoting and payment systems. The advantages you gain with a ConnectBooster to QuoteWerks integration can be substantial, especially when you properly link and configure those connections − a relatively easy task for any IT services professional.

Any MSP can enjoy those benefits. After setting up the ConnectBooster to QuoteWerks integration, you can import and save accepted quotes and payment information into the BNG or ConnectBooster secure payment gateway. That initial step opens the door to a plethora of other features.

For example, you can add payment records in QuoteWerks when setting up auto agreements. That means your employees will no longer have to repeatedly ask clients to submit sensitive credit and banking information. In addition to reducing a big security concern for MSPs, that feature eliminates manual entry errors that frequently occur during the data collection process, as well as the need to login to your payment portal (ever again). Not to mention an integration with your accounting software also increases your companies efficiency. Eliminating the quote of reconciling that quote in your preferred accounting software, ensure your books can be updated and documented as closely as possible.

The ConnectBooster to QuoteWerks integration creates time all around on your proposals and sales quotes. The seamless transfer of information lets your team members focus more on clients’ technical needs instead of spending endless hours working their phones and keyboards collecting the same data each month. Why have the same conversations every time your clients procure new products or services?

What automation does For QuoteWerks users

What is one of the benefits of a quoting software? To see line-by-line what value your services will bring to a prospect? Set upfront expectations of what a partnership with your business will look like? Removing any difficulties for prospects to accept and pay the quote immediately has long-lasting effects on your sales cycle. Consider this, you send off your quote to an interesting prospect, and they accept; if your QuoteWerks isn’t set up to take their payment immediately, your team has to spend time generating a new invoice to collect payment on.

That’s dangerous, as it’s giving them another chance to say no to your business for something they already agreed to once. Many MSPs find the quoting process to be a bottleneck in their sales funnel that slows down their average close times. Even when using a quoting software like QuoteWerks, you’ll need another key piece to automate the entire quote process.

Fortunately, one of the easiest solutions to this problem is to use a billing tool that integrates with QuoteWerks. If your sales team can generate the quote for prospects, then send it to not only have them accept the quote but also pay right away, your business has reduced the cost-of-acquisition time drastically. Even better, if they have sticker shock, a QuoteWerks billing integration can allow a business to take a partial payment initially and give them a longer period to pay.

This automation doesn’t end there. One of the big hassles for billing department down the road is getting future payments. Here’s the power a quoting tool integration, certain QuoteWerks payment integration partners have the ability to save customers’ payment method for future payments, saving your accounting team time on the phone requesting a payment method, all completely saved in a secure PCI Compliant Vault.

Remember, sales reps need automation to keep the customer journey going, and investing in the right quoting software and integration tool creates a better experience and potentially shortens the sale cycle by months.

Enjoy the multiplying effect of the ConnectBooster to QuoteWerks integration

MSPs have a limited number of resources. Automation helps you get a greater return from your investments in people, equipment, and technologies. After implementing the ConnectBooster to QuoteWerks integration, for example, IT services companies can enjoy the multiplying effect from both platform’s benefits as well as the unique features they come from the connection. As demonstrated above, the advantages of the combined tools exceed their individual values – and both begin with strong propositions for MSPs.

ConnectBooster simplifies the payment process and helps MSPs address PCI compliance concerns. The platform saves the average IT services business 2-4 hours per week by eliminating and automating redundant accounting tasks since it integrates into QuickBooks and can quickly reduce your accounts receivables (by 30 days in many cases). On the client-side of the equation, ConnectBooster increases billing transparency, allowing your customers to review current and past invoices and payments easily.

QuoteWerks also provides clarity, especially when used with QuoteValet. The application provides MSPs with an efficient and easy way to create, deliver, and track quotes to close new sales. Your business can benefit from a number of benefits, including the ability to brand documents and proposals and create uniform pricing and workflows to simplify and speed up the sales process. QuoteWerks lets you build item lists, templates, and bundles to standardize your company’s product and service offerings. QuoteValet lets you send those clean quotes that often get caught in spam filters but utilizing a company-branded, specialized, quote delivery webpage to present the quote on to your customer.

Leverage the complete set of quoting software features

Enabling the ConnectBooster to QuoteWerks integration provides MSPs with many useful options. These connections let you automate many of the repeatable steps that team members will no longer worry about, moving information seamlessly between systems to generate new activities without human intervention. The ConnectBooster to QuoteWerks integration eliminates redundancies between platforms and improves your management capabilities for quotes and payments. Some of the many additional features MSPs can gain from connecting these systems include the ability to:

  • Utilize your existing BNG merchant account, which saves on all the extra fees other companies may tack on when processing payments.
  • Accept ACH (Electronic Checks, directly on the quote acceptance template.
  • Automatically save and share payment information in the ConnectBooster portal for future use
  • Access flexible AutoPay and Recurring Payment options
  • Directly receive credit card payments on the quote acceptance template
  • Reconcile payments to your accounting applications
  • Utilize your brand with a customizable user portal (with logos/colors and ads)
  • Automatically generate new invoices
  • Easily provide access to the portal for new clients’ users, including managers and accounting personnel
  • Automate new invoice notifications
  • Track email histories for accounts
  • Automate past due and collection notifications
  • Create automatic and on-demand integration sync capabilities
  • Generate and automate account summary notifications

MSPs can enjoy all those benefits after enabling the ConnectBooster to QuoteWerks integration. The total number of advantages multiply when you connect those platforms and ensure each team member who operates these applications, including sales and collections professionals, understands how they work. Having access to real-time pricing allows for your sales team to deliver flexible price discounts to prospects to entice prospects to say yes to your services.

Those are just a few of the standard features. The ConnectBooster to QuoteWerks integration opens the door to many more features that can make MSP’s lives (as well as those of their employees and clients) so much easier. Find out how easy it is to make that happen today here.


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