5 Steps to Achieve Set-and-Forget Billing and Collections

Among the countless cogs and gears that keep MSPs running, billing and collections are some of the most critical yet overlooked business functions. Picture a world where your business’s financial processes flow seamlessly, freeing you and your team to channel more energy into what truly matters — elevating your product solutions and client experiences. You can achieve this reality by implementing “set-and-forget” automated systems that increase productivity, boost profitability, augment cash flow, elevate customer satisfaction and lower operational overhead. 

In a technology landscape where innovation and efficiency reign supreme, why should MSPs continue to toil over manual invoicing and collections, diverting valuable resources from their core mission? Now is the time to free your team from the monotony of creating and managing invoices, chasing late payments and reconciling accounts. The future of billing and collections lies in automation and integration. By embracing a systematic approach that fuses technology, strategy and client-centricity, IT services providers can usher in an era of financial agility and unwavering focus. 

There are five distinct yet interconnected steps MSPs should take to transition from manual processes to fully automated systems. Following these steps will strengthen your financial foundation and cultivate an environment that allows your team to devote more time to driving innovation, enhancing client relationships and scaling the business. 

Step 1: Establish clear billing deadlines 

The foundation of a solid collections system rests on well-defined payment due dates. By establishing precise timelines, MSPs will create a payment schedule that clients can rely on. For example, recurring services are often due at the beginning of each month, while project-related invoices could be due within 24 hours of completion. Providing clients with this level of clarity not only ensures timely payments but also ensures transparency and professionalism in customer relationships. 

Step 2: Strengthen collections policies 

Crystal-clear communications are paramount in billing and accounts receivable (A/R) management. Align your team’s expectations with the information outlined in each specific agreement and contract. Explain terms like net 15 or net 30, highlight any potential discounts and walk clients through all the various payment options. Be sure to emphasize the convenience of autopay when discussing terms, as that option can streamline the process and reduce delinquent payment headaches for customers while ensuring consistent revenue for your MSP. 

Step 3: Simplify payment for clients 

Integrating advanced solutions like ConnectBooster will make the collections process easier for everyone and minimize the costs associated with payment collection. This technology empowers customers with an online portal, offering them easy access to their company’s financial transaction history and past and current invoices, with flexible payment options and the ability to enroll in autopay. 

Simplifying the payment experience not only makes financial transactions smoother but also strengthens the backbone of your MSP. Seamless collaboration between your clients and internal team results in a more positive customer experience, which can strengthen your operations and propel your business to new heights. 

Step 4: Harness the power of automation and integration 

Technology is the key to transforming your billing and collections into a “set-and-forget” masterpiece. Integrating PSAs and other critical applications with ConnectBooster ensures accurate and timely invoicing, saving MSPs valuable hours and minimizing costly errors. Additionally, connecting CRM tools and accounting packages helps create a more unified data flow and provides more holistic insights into your firm’s financial landscape. 

Step 5: Continuously assess and improve 

Like any well-oiled machine, invoicing and payment systems require regular evaluation and optimization. Generating comprehensive reports that detail outstanding A/R and other pertinent financial metrics provides invaluable insights into your MSP’s cash flow, which aids significantly in strategizing for future growth. Leverage key performance indicators to fine-tune your billing and collection methods and keep that financial engine running smoothly. 

Fueling growth 

A resounding 90% of IT services professionals say automation plays a pivotal role in their growth journey by freeing employees to focus on business-critical tasks, according to Kaseya’s 2023 Global MSP Benchmark Survey Report. Liberating staff from manual billing and collections tasks allows them to spend more time nurturing client relationships, addressing customer needs and closing sales.  

Embracing a “set-and-forget” payment system is not merely an improvement — it’s a strategy that empowers MSPs, allowing them to focus on innovation and service delivery. Following the five-step process above will help revolutionize your financial operations. This newfound efficiency can enhance customer satisfaction, fortify cash flow and future-proof your MSP for years to come. 

For a deeper dive into the metrics that can supercharge your cash flow, explore our comprehensive guide on billing and collections KPIs here. The journey toward a set-and-forget billing and collections system begins with a greater understanding of your MSP’s issues and opportunities, and this resource provides insights that will help drive your MSP’s long-term financial success. 


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